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Because being a positive parent is so much easier when you're having fun!

What You Get...

  • 101 Easy to Implement Tips
     These simple tweaks can turn any old boring routine into fun!
  • Served in Quick Bites
    Pop open any page and get a practical tip that you can start applying immediately.
  • Charmingly Presented
    What fun is a book about fun things to do, otherwise?

Organized in 9 Beautiful Sections...

 From the start of the day to the end; through weekdays, weekends and holidays -- we've got you covered.
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  • Chock Full of Clickable Resources
    From links to research studies to funny blog posts to Pinterest boards... we've got a ton of additional resources embedded within these pages for you to explore to your heart's content.
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Sumitha Bhandarkar

About the Author

Sumitha Bhandarkar is the author of the eBook "101 Fun Things to Do With Kids to Enjoy Everyday Family Life" and the founder of AFineParent.Com.

As her daughter was growing up, Sumitha noticed that the responsibilities and challenges of parenting kept increasing, and somehow she had let the fun moments she had with her daughter become fewer and far between.

Sumitha made an intentional effort to bump up the fun, but would sometimes be left wondering 'what next'?

This eBook is a compilation of ideas that she has collected over the years to just take any random, boring, routine moment in her everyday life and turn it into a fun event.

She hopes you have as much fun using this book as she did putting it together.

(She also wants to go on record and state that the "fun" of writing things in 3rd person gets very old very fast)

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