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  • Calmly and confidently handle whatever your kids throw at you
  • Boost your kids’ confidence and help them develop resilience and grit
  • Help them build crucial life skills so they can be successful
  • Overcome anxiety and negativity (in both yourself and your kids)
  • And so much more!

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Confident Parenting Is a Learned Skill, Not an Innate Talent

Learn Positive Parenting Basics From Dr. Tina Payne Bryson, Dr. Laura Markham, Dr. Lawrence Cohen, Julie King, and More!

  • Power Of Showing Up Masterclass
  • Peaceful Parenting Masterclass
  • Playful Parenting Masterclass
  • Communication Tools Masterclass

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Learn to Identify Your Triggers and Handle Your Emotions from Dr. Carla Naumburg, Casey O’Roarty, Hal Runkel, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, and More!

  • Managing Our Triggers Masterclass
  • Managing Our Emotions Masterclass
  • Screamfree Parenting Masterclass
  • Conscious Parenting Masterclass

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Great parents are made, not born

Learn How to Build Essential Habits and Life Skills from Julie Lythcott-Haims, Holly Reid, James Clear, Dr. Peg Dawson, and More!

  • Fostering Independence Masterclass
  • Money Lessons for Kids Masterclass
  • Behavior Change Masterclass
  • Executive Skills Masterclass

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Understand and Learn How to Manage Anxiety in Both Yourself and Your Child from Lynn Lyons, Renee Jain, Kim John Payne, Dr. William Stixrud, and More!

  • Breaking Free from Anxiety Masterclass
  • Transforming Anxiety Masterclass
  • Handling Stress in Children Masterclass
  • Nonanxious Parenting Masterclass

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We only have 18 years with our kids. Do we really want to spend that time on trial and error?

Embrace the Positive Impact of Mindfulness and Learn to Be Calmer and More Connected from Hunter Clarke-Fields, Susan Kaiser Greenland, Will Bowen, Rachel Macy Stafford, and More.

  • Parenting and Mindfulness Masterclass
  • Mindful Games for Kids Masterclass
  • Complaint Free Parenting Masterclass
  • Hands Free Masterclass

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Tackle the Challenges of Screentime, Get Your Kids Outside, and Learn How to Teach Your Kids Those All-Important Social Skills from Dr. Victoria Dunckley, Linda Akeson McGurk, Janine Halloran, Dr. Deborah Gilboa, and More.

  • Screen Reset Masterclass
  • Get Kids Outside Masterclass
  • Social Skills for Kids Masterclass
  • Teaching Kids Responsibilities Masterclass

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Every Masterclass is Inspired By a Popular Parenting Book

(Books you'd read in a heartbeat if you had more time!)

Plus, Get Solutions to YOUR Specific Parenting Challenges

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  • Join 950+ friendly, engaged members
  • Meet like-minded parents dealing with similar situations
  • Get and give advice, inspiration, comfort, and cheer
  • You don’t have to go it alone!

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Receive Bonuses, and Surprises Throughout The Year! (Connect, Unwind, Play, and Learn)

  • Premium Workshop Series
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  • Weekly Quick Action Plans
  • And So Much More!

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Here's What Our Current Members Are Saying

As a mum myself and in my work as a child psychologist it has been invaluable and very inspiring for me. I’ve learned so much from all the masterclasses and expert calls and I love the way you lead those. You always seem very well prepared, asking great questions and making to the point summaries. I also love your enthusiasm and the personal touch by sharing your own experiences as a mum. So a big heartfelt thank you from me.

- Merel D.

I cannot express how grateful I am to you for these masterclasses. Just the few I have watched so far have helped my family so much. I knew what I didn't want to do anymore as a parent and was struggling with what to do instead. These have been spot on for who I want to be as a parent.

- Jen C. (via Facebook)

Thank you for creating this community. It's like I've arrived in a village and known -this- is where I belong. 😊

- Catherine K. (via Facebook)

I just wanted to say that your discussion with Hal Runkel was amazing. It really gave me such insight and a feeling of confidence about parenting. Everything he said made sense. Thank you so much!

- Priscilla K.

Being a member in the Academy has been life changing for me. Especially during this Covid upheaval. I have boys 7 & 9 years old and I chose to school them virtually rather than in person. I decided to invest time into this platform to save my sanity. It has been the best purchase I have made as a parent this year. My whole family is benefiting from my investment.

- Laura P. (via Email)

The Academy has been life-saving for us. The classes have completely changed us and is helping us SOOOOO much. I can’t even relay. We are barely yelling anymore, and are finding our way on this positive parenting path! Thank you.

- Sarah P.

I love the accessibility of the masterclasses. Whenever I have an issue, I search the masterclasses and inevitably find something to learn from and to be inspired by. It's great to have access to fantastic professionals who really know their stuff!

- Anonymous Parent in an Academy Survey

I LOVE having all this advice in ONE spot! The calibre and variety of the experts are phenomenal. I always feel like a better parent after having spent time with A Fine Parent before time with my daughter. THANK YOU!

- Anonymous Parent in an Academy Survey

Thank you for all your work regarding A Fine Parent Academy. It is a wonderful program! I have learnt so much and I am sure it is something that I can apply to several aspects of my life beyond parenthood.

- Tamara F.

Frequently Asked Questions

What age group are these masterclasses targeted to?

Most of the ideas we cover – positive discipline, habits, values, life skills, findings of latest research etc. – apply to most kids in the birth - 13 years age bracket. That said, some of the ways to implement these ideas differ for different age groups, and we cover those with specific examples within the masterclasses. So for instance, if we're talking about chores and teaching kids how to take responsibility, our expert will have specific examples for each of the different age groups.

Who are these experts?

We are extremely picky about the experts we invite and vet them exhaustively. Consequently, all our experts are highly respected in their fields, and have published books, some of which are international bestsellers. Most of them are also practicing clinicians, psychologists, professors and counselors with years (if not decades) of experience working with parents and/or kids. And all of them are also parents, so they know both professionally and personally what it takes to turn all that knowledge into practical strategies that busy parents can put to use right away!

If you are looking for the most practical, research-backed, well-organized information that can help your whole family thrive, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything like this anywhere else.

How are these masterclasses different from regular positive parenting videos?

Regular “google-search” parenting videos seem convenient. But they’re often hit-or-miss, hear-say tips. Tips that try to fix surface-level issues in your relationship with your child, but never solve the root cause. (Which is why the “solutions” never seem to stick in the long run.)

At AFineParent, we promise you this:
No vague info. No half-answers. No hear-say advice.

Only real, practical, insightful solutions that:
➤ address every problem at the root
➤ deepen your relationship with your child
➤ resolve your real, everyday parenting issues - for good
➤ and are proven to have worked for hundreds of thousands of parents around the world!

Yes, hundreds of thousands.

Each masterclass is based on a popular best-selling parenting book that has been loved and approved by countless other parents like you!

AND you get to
learn all these juicy insights, proven techniques, and solutions directly from the books' authors, who are practicing clinicians, psychologists, professors and counselors with decades of experience working with parents and kids.

Will the masterclasses work for me if I’m a single parent or am co-parenting?

We understand that no two families have the same dynamic. And the compilation of masterclasses has been designed with this fact in mind!

From single parents to those on the co-parenting journey, from new moms to old dads, from single-child families to large blended households, and everyone in between - we’ve got you covered!

The deep insights, positive parenting strategies, techniques, and practical tips you get from each masterclass are proven to work for every kind of family!

How long are the masterclasses?

All our masterclasses are typically around 60 minutes long.

Each masterclass captures the best ideas from the book that inspired it. In many cases, the masterclasses are organized into smaller sections of 20-30 minutes each so you can consume them more easily.

What format are the masterclasses in?

All masterclasses are pre-recorded.

We provide the recordings in 3 different formats -- streaming video, downloadable audio, and either a printable transcript or a summary -- so you can match it to your learning style (and your mood) at any given time!

How do I access these masterclasses?

When you join the AFineParent Academy, you will receive an email with a link to the member area along with your username and password. Use these to login and you're all set to access everything in the Academy.

All you need to access the Academy is a Smart device such as a phone, touchpad or computer, and Internet access!

Still have questions?

Send us an email at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Invest in continued support and proven solutions for YOUR Positive Parenting journey today!

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