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Join us for the "Traits to Nurture in Children" workshop series with Dr. Cohen inside AFineParent Academy!

The AFineParent Academy is currently closed to new enrollment. But we are opening it specially for you until Dec 22nd, 2022, so you can join us for this amazing workshop series!

This LIVE* workshop series will help us teach kids important life traits.
Our agenda is:

  • Jan 12, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 pm (CT): Help Kids Develop Inner strength
  • Feb 09, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 pm (CT): Encourage Secure Exploration
  • Mar 09, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 pm (CT): Encourage Personal Agency
  • Apr 13, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 pm (CT): Help Kids Develop a Healthy Conscience
  • May 11, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 pm (CT): Encourage Deep Learning
  • Jun 08, 2023, 12:00 - 1:00 pm (CT): Help Kids Learn About Self in Community

(*Recording will be available if you can't join any of the live calls.)

Plus, when you join the AFineParent Academy, you get INSTANT access to 80+ expert-led masterclasses, including the Playful Parenting Masterclass and the Roughhousing Masterclass with Dr. Cohen!

It's ironic, isn't it?

Before we have kids, we don't learn about parenting.

And after we have kids, who has the time?

Technically, we're doing the hardest job on the planet - raising human beings - with little or no prior training, some hearsay knowledge and a lot of 'gut feeling'!

It’s no wonder we feel so overwhelmed and frustrated so often, in spite of having the best intentions in our hearts.

Confident Parenting Is a Learned Skill, Not an Innate Talent

We don't expect our kids to automatically know how to ride a bike, read a book or tie their shoelaces on their own...

Why then do we expect ourselves to automatically know all about raising tiny little human beings to be happy, compassionate, successful adults, without any training or support?

If you're struggling with parenting, it's not because you're a bad parent.

If you feel overwhelmed, it's not because you're incapable.

If you feel like you're failing your kids, it does not mean you're a failure!

It just means it's time to pick up some new skills and better support!

Because when you have the best support for yourself, you can give the best support to your kids!

What if there was ONE place you could go for trusted parenting information from multiple vetted experts?

What if there was ONE place where you could ask proven parenting professionals questions specific to your situation and get answers?

What if there was ONE place where you could connect with other like-minded parents just like you, who understand what you are going through and are happy to share helpful strategies and solutions that have worked for them?

Thankfully there IS such a place!

The AFineParent Academy

The AFineParent Academy is a Positive Parenting community designed specifically to provide THREE key elements of support for dedicated, growth-minded parents like you:

Powerful Strategies 

We've collected the most effective parenting tools and insights from 82 popular parenting and personal development books into quick hour-long masterclasses for you to watch while you do your chores! Learning and growing as a parent couldn't be easier!

Friendly Community

You get to be part of a private Facebook group of like-minded committed parents just like you. No matter where you are in your parenting journey and what you are going through, we get you and we've got your backThis is a place you will fit right in.

Expert Support

You get ongoing support from knowledgeable experts through our weekly live Q&A calls. With decades of experience working with parents and kids, our wide array of experts are uniquely positioned to help you become "unstuck" no matter your situation or your kids ages!

The AFineParent Academy is currently closed to new members. We've opened it specifically for you, so you can join us for Dr. Cohen's workshop series. Academy doors close again on Dec 22nd, 2022.

Here Are the Masterclasses You Can Watch At Any Time When You Become a Member

Dr. Lawrence Cohen

Playful Parenting Masterclass

Dr. Laura Markham

Peaceful Parenting


Dr. Tina Bryson

Power of Showing Up

Hal Runkel

Screamfree Parenting

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel

The Whole Brain Child Masterclass

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Conscious Parenting Masterclass

James Clear

Behavior Change

Joanna Faber & Julie King

Parenting 2-7 Year Olds

Dr. Ross Greene

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Masterclass

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Fostering Independence Masterclass

Dr. Mary Kurcinka

Parenting Spirited Kids

Shawn Achor

The Science of Happiness Masterclass

Dr. Rick Hanson

Hardwiring Happiness Masterclass

Lynn Lyons

Breaking Free from Anxiety Masterclass

Greg McKeown

Essentialism Masterclass

Dr. Peg Dawson

Executive Skills Masterclass

Plus, 66 More! Click Here to See Full List

Dr. Lawrence Cohen

Dive Into Roughhousing Masterclass

Dr. Carla Naumburg

Managing Our Triggers  Masterclass

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel

Parenting Adolescents  Masterclass

Hunter Clarke-Fields

Parenting and Mindfulness Masterclass

Dr. Vanessa Lapointe

Discipline Without Damage Masterclass

Julie King

Communication Tools  Masterclass

Aubrey Hargis

Toddler Discipline Masterclass

Renee Jain

Transforming Anxiety Masterclass

Natasha Daniels

Anxiety in Teens Masterclass

Dr. William Stixrud

Nonanxious Parenting

Will Bowen

Complaint-Free Parenting Masterclass

Arlene Pellicane

Screen Kids


Mark Wolynn

Inherited Family Trauma Masterclass

Dr. Mona Delahooke

Understanding Behaviors Masterclass

Janine Halloran

Social Skills for Kids Masterclass

Audrey Monke

Camp-Inspired Parenting

Kim John Payne

Handling Stress in Children Masterclass

Dr. Michele Borba

Raising Empathetic Kids Masterclass

Dr. William Stixrud

Self-Driven Child Masterclass

Dr. Kathy Koch

Multiple Intelligences Masterclass

Jessica Lahey

School Success Masterclass

Dr. Laura Markham

Sibling Rivalry Masterclass

Betsy Brown Braun

Brat-Proofing Kids Masterclass

Dayna Abraham

Kids Activities & Games Masterclass

Amy McCready

Me, Me, Me Epidemic Masterclass

Patty Wipfler

Listening Partnerships Masterclass

Judy Arnall

Positive Discipline Tools Masterclass

Pam Leo

Decoding a Child’s Needs Masterclass

Dr. Tina Bryson

The Yes Brain


Casey O'Roarty

Managing Our Emotions

Alissa Marquess

Connection Rituals Masterclass

Dr. Victoria Dunckley

Screen Reset


Dr. Devorah Heitner

Navigating the Digital World Masterclass

KJ Dell’Antonia

Happier Parenting Masterclass

Dr. Peter Gray

The Free Play

Lenore Skenazy

Free Range Kids Masterclass

Rebecca Eanes

Solution-Oriented Discipline Masterclass

Dr. Laura Markham

Staying Connected With Kids Masterclass

Mercedes Samudio

Removing Shame from Parenting Masterclass

Ramona Zabriskie

“Forever” Relationships Masterclass

Dr. Becky Bailey

Conscious Discipline Masterclass

Maryann Jacobsen

Parenting Picky Eaters Masterclass

Amy Morin

Mental Strength Masterclass

Dr. Melanie Greenberg

Managing Parenting Stress Masterclass

Dr. Deborah Gilboa

Teaching Kids  Responsibilities Masterclass

Susan Greenland

Mindful Games for Kids Masterclass

Leeza Steindorf

Conflict Resolution Masterclass

Holly D. Reid

Money Lessons for Kids Masterclass

Heather Shumaker

Renegade Parenting Masterclass

Susan Stiffelman

Getting Kids to Cooperate Masterclass

Katie Hurley

No More Mean Girls Masterclass

Douglas Haddad

Self-Motivated Kids Masterclass

Katie Hurley

Raising Assertive Kids Masterclass

Lori Lite

Handling School Stress Masterclass

Dr. Laura Markham

Emotionally Intelligent Parent Masterclass

Jessica Joelle Alexander

Danish Way of Parenting Masterclass

Roma Khetarpal

Non-Verbal Communication Masterclass

Jennifer Lehr

Positive Encouragement Masterclass

Suzi Lula

Handling Mom Guilt Masterclass

Sheila McCraith

Stop Yelling at Kids Masterclass

Tosha Schore



Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore

Getting Kids to Cooperate Masterclass

Tracy Cutchlow

"Say What You See" Masterclass

Kate Orson

Responding to Tears Masterclass

Janine Halloran

Coping Skills for Anxious Kids Masterclass

Ariadne Brill

Time In

The AFineParent Academy is currently closed to new members. We've opened it specifically for you, so you can join us for Dr. Cohen's workshop series. Academy doors close again on Dec 22nd, 2022.

Our Experts Have Been Featured In

And the Best Part About The AFineParent Academy is...

It’s Easy! No more spiraling down the social media rabbit hole looking for parenting tips and strategies. No more wild-goose-chase Google searches seeking solutions to your tough parenting challenges. You'll have the best ideas from 80+ highly rated parenting books at your fingertips in the form of concise hour-long masterclasses. And you're all set!

It’s Convenient! You get INSTANT access to our full library of masterclasses. Watch them whenever you need them, wherever you want, and in any order. Plus, you get downloadable mp3 audio for all masterclasses so you can listen while doing chores, commuting, or exercising. And printable transcript files if you prefer to read! No matter what your preference, where you live, or what specific challenges you face... you will always have a way to get quick, timely answers!

It’s an unbeatable value! For the cost of ONE fast food family meal each month, you get insights, strategies and support for your parenting that can have a transformational impact on your whole family which will last for generations!

Here is What Our Current Members Are Saying...

As a mum myself and in my work as a child psychologist it has been invaluable and very inspiring for me. I’ve learned so much from all the masterclasses and expert calls and I love the way you lead those. You always seem very well prepared, asking great questions and making to the point summaries. I also love your enthusiasm and the personal touch by sharing your own experiences as a mum. So a big heartfelt thank you from me.

- Merel D.

I love the accessibility of the masterclasses. Whenever I have an issue, I search the masterclasses and inevitably find something to learn from and to be inspired by. It's great to have access to fantastic professionals who really know their stuff!

- Anonymous Parent in an Academy Survey

Being  a member in the Academy has been life changing for me. Especially during this Covid upheaval. I have boys 7 & 9 years old and I chose to school them virtually rather than in person.  I decided to invest time into this platform to save my sanity. It has been the best purchase I have made as a parent this year. My whole family is benefiting from my investment. 

- Laura P. (via Email)

The Academy has been life-saving for us. The classes have completely changed us and is helping us SOOOOO much. I can’t even relay. We are barely yelling anymore, and are finding our way on this positive parenting path! Thank you.

- Sarah P. 

I just wanted to say that your discussion with Hal Runkel was amazing. It really gave me such insight and a feeling of confidence about parenting. Everything he said made sense. Thank you so much!

- Priscilla K.

I cannot express how grateful I am to you for these masterclasses. Just the few I have watched so far have helped my family so much. I knew what I didn't want to do anymore as a parent and was struggling with what to do instead. These have been spot on for who I want to be as a parent.

- Jen C. (via Facebook) 

I LOVE having all this advice in ONE spot! The calibre and variety of the experts are phenomenal. I always feel like a better parent after having spent time with A Fine Parent before time with my daughter. THANK YOU!

- Anonymous Parent in an Academy Survey

Thank you for creating this community. It's like I've arrived in a village and known -this- is where I belong. 😊

- Catherine K. (via Facebook) 

Thank you for all your work regarding A Fine Parent Academy. It is a wonderful program! I have learnt so much and I am sure it is something that I can apply to several aspects of my life beyond parenthood.

- Tamara F.

Join AFineParent Academy today and get QUICK PRACTICAL solutions to ALL your parenting issues!

The AFineParent Academy is currently closed to new members. We've opened it specifically for you, so you can join us for Dr. Cohen's workshop series. Academy doors close again on Dec 22nd, 2022.

We know that parents need help that is not only trustworthy, reliable, research-backed, and practical, but more importantly, is relevant to their SPECIFIC situations!

You can get this from the powerful, life-altering masterclasses in the AFineParent Academy. And beyond the masterclasses, you can also get direct personal, real-time access to a wide variety of parenting experts.

Ask Our Experts All of YOUR Questions!

Two to three times a month we bring in experts on live zoom calls to answer your questions and help you get unstuck.

Attend as many calls as you want! And if you can’t make it to a live call, no worries! We record all the calls so you can watch them at any time, plus we post the highlights, so you can easily skip right to the help you need.

Here’s a sample of some of our recent calls:

Arlene Pellicane

Spotlight Session:
Kids and Screens

Emily Learing

Spotlight Session:
Raising Strong-Willed Kids

Lynn Lyons

Spotlight Session:
Handling Worry & Anxiety

Heather Davis

Spotlight Session:
Raising Confident Kids

Dr. Lawrence Cohen


Moral Development In Kids

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Dr. Tina Bryson


Neuroscience Basics for Parents

Holly Reid


Raising Money-Smart Kids

Casey O'Roarty


Parenting Styles

Plus, we make every masterclass and Q&A call in the Academy easily searchable!

That’s right! Not only do you get instant access to all our past call recordings when you join, but …

You will have this massive searchable knowledge base of relevant parenting wisdom at your fingertips!

The AFineParent Academy is currently closed to new members. We've opened it specifically for you, so you can join us for Dr. Cohen's workshop series. Academy doors close again on Dec 22nd, 2022.

Connect with Your Tribe of Like-Minded Parents

Since we started the Academy back in 2020, our members have told us over and over that the masterclasses with renowned psychologists and child behavior professionals have made a profoundly positive impact on their parenting approach…

And getting answers to their own specific parenting questions from proven experts was a game-changer for getting "unstuck" when they felt trapped in challenging parenting situations…

What they found equally helpful was being able to connect with other in-the-trenches parents just like them with whom they could share their troubles, celebrate their #LittleVictories or just vent, without any fear of judgment!

This is where our private Academy Facebook Group comes in.

It's a safe haven where you can glean advice (or give it!), learn a new tactic (or share one!), or simply chat and laugh about the weird and wonderful world of parenting with other like-minded parents, knowing that no matter what, they get you and they'll always have your back!

Just Watching ONE Masterclass, or Attending ONE Call Each Month Pays for Your Membership

Everything Else is Icing on the Cake!

You could go it alone...

You could read 80+ parenting books in your “spare time”...

You could search Google for days on end, sifting through thousands of sites for answers to your parenting questions...

You could keep struggling on your own going through countless cycles of trial and error…


You could join the 1,000’s parents who are already members of the Academy and get:

Those same parenting books in an easy-to-digest masterclass format

Practical and trusted parenting information curated and collected in one place

A ready-made community of friendly, helpful parents willing to share their struggles and successes so that everyone can learn, laugh, and benefit!

Let's Recap!

When you join the Academy you'll get access to all the learning and support you need to be the exceptional parent you've always wanted to be, so you can support your kids in the way they need!

LIVE 6-part "Traits to Nurture in Children" advanced workshop series with Dr. Lawrence Cohen (a $297 value)

82 (and counting!) Expert Masterclasses each based on a popular book on parenting or personal development (With a conservative estimate of $37/masterclass, this is a $3,034 value)

2-3 Live Q&A Calls Each Month with professionals specializing in different fields of parenting (Again, with a conservative estimate of $37/call, this is an ongoing $111 value each month)

Private Facebook Group to connect with other like-minded parents (priceless 🙂)

BONUS: Downloadable audio files and transcripts for all masterclasses and Q&A calls so you can learn as you go about your chores or exercising, and read while you commute! (a $497 value)

BONUS: Weekly "1% Improvement Action Plan" printables. Each week you will receive a beautifully designed easy-to-implement action plan based on an expert-led masterclass/call, with one practical tip to try that week so you can keep growing no matter how busy life gets! (a $197 value)

BONUS: Additional "Surprises” Throughout The Year. We love spoiling you with surprises! So we send you additional workshops, printables, quizzes, quick wins tips and more multiple times a year. (How can we even estimate the value of this?!)

This makes everything (that we can estimate the value of)

over $4,000! ($4,136 to be exact!)

And you can get it all for less than 50¢ a day!

The AFineParent Academy is currently closed to new members. We've opened it specifically for you, so you can join us for Dr. Cohen's workshop series. Academy doors close again on Dec 22nd, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend the LIVE workshop calls with Dr. Cohen?

The LIVE Traits to Nurture in Children workshop series with Dr. Cohen will happen via Zoom video calls. We will share the link for the Zoom call on the 1st of each month.

How long are the masterclasses and the Q&A calls?

All our masterclass, Q&A calls and workshops are 60 minutes long.

We find this is long enough to dive deeper into the topics we cover, while still being able to fit in a busy parent's schedule!

What age group of kids is the Academy targeted for?

Most of the ideas we cover – positive discipline, habits, values, life skills, findings of latest research etc. – apply to most kids in the birth - 13 years age bracket. That said, some of the ways to implement these ideas differ for different age groups, and we cover those with specific examples within the masterclasses and calls.  So for instance, if we're talking about chores and teaching kids how to take responsibility, our expert will have specific examples for you for each of the different age groups.

Who are these experts?

We are extremely picky about the experts we invite and vet them exhaustively. Consequently, all our experts are highly respected in their fields, and have published books, some of which are international bestsellers. Most of them are also practicing clinicians, psychologists, professors and counselors with years (if not decades) of experience working with parents and/or kids. And all of them are also parents, so they know both professionally and personally what it takes to turn all that knowledge into practical strategies that busy parents can put to use right away!

If you are looking for the most practical, research-backed, well-organized information that can help your whole family thrive, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything like this anywhere else.

What format are the masterclasses and Q&A calls in?

All masterclasses are pre-recorded.

The Q&A calls are live, but we will also record them.

We provide the recordings (for both the masterclasses and the Q&A calls) in 3 different formats -- streaming video, downloadable audio, and either a printable transcript or a summary -- so you can match it to your learning style (and your mood at any given time 🙂)!

Still have questions?

Shoot us an email at support @afineparent.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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