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Finally A Learning Solution Designed Specially for BUSY PARENTS!

"I'm so busy being a parent, that I don't have time to learn new and effective parenting strategies!"

Does that just about sum it up?

From supporting parents for over a decade now (and as parents ourselves), we know how busy parents are!

We all have great intentions to learn and grow, and become amazing parents, but there's simply no time!

So we end up using the same old ineffective strategies our parents (and their parents before them) used.

Cue the nagging, yelling, drama and power struggles. And kids not learning the essential life skills needed to succeed in today's changing world!

After seeing this happen over and over, we decided something needs to be done. So we created a perfect solution specifically for busy parents like you!

Introducing Parenting Quick Action Plans

A busy parent's answer for becoming a calm and confident parent!

How The Parenting Quick Action Plans Work

We have over 200 transformative parenting masterclasses and Q&A call recordings with world-renowned parenting experts in our signature AFineParent Academy program.

Each week, my team and I pore through these to pull out ONE easy and practical strategy and create a tiny, bite-sized Quick Action Plan and send it you.

Simply incorporate it into your day-to-day parenting for one week.

Next week, we’ll send you a new Quick Action Plan.

Rinse, repeat.

When you look back in a few months, you’ll be AMAZED at how effective your parenting has become and how easily your kids now listen to you!

"Thank you so much for creating the Quick Action Plans! They are exactly what I need and an answer to my prayers. I put them up on our bulletin board so I can see them daily. I very much appreciate all the effort you all put in creating them. Very impressive!"

- Kristine W.

A Sneak Peek of What You Get Each Week

The Weekly Quick Action Plans Will Make You Increasingly Better At:

Managing your triggers

Handling defiance

Reducing power struggles

Alleviating anxiety

Increasing resilience

Using positive discipline

Handling screen issues

Reducing sibling rivalry

Teaching kindness

Creating a peaceful family

And so much more!

Based on the idea of creating tiny sustainable habits, and packed with proven strategies and deep insights, these Quick Action Plans are designed to fit easily into your everyday parenting, and are highly effective in creating lasting change!


When You Join Today, Get FULL Access to Our Vault of 100+ Past Quick Action Plans!

When you join now, not only will you receive a NEW action plan each week, but you will also get FULL access to our Parenting Quick Action Plans Vault with 100+ past action plans! In any given week, if that week's topic isn't a good fit, or you have time for more than one action plan, simply grab another action plan from the vault and carry on!

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