The Connected Hearts Journal

On the Surface: A beautiful, keepsake memory journal.
Under the Hood: A
smart and powerful parenting tool.

Limited Time Only:
Download The Full Digital PDF*!

(Includes the complete 300-page journal with coloring pages + the "letter" with the backstory)

*The hardcopy print journals from the Kickstarter Campaign are all gone. Sorry.

Some of the Things You Will Find Only in the
Connected Hearts Journal

  • A magical "letter" guaranteed to hook your child to journaling
    What kid can resist a story, particularly a magical tale with winding twists, quests and discoveries about a long lost relic that they now hold in their hands? By the time they finish reading the letter, your kids will be begging you to do the journal with them instead of the other way around!
  • A Table of Contents that doubles as an affirmations list and a TO-DO list
    Goodbye, boring TOCs. Hello, affirmations. And cute little check boxes. (And yes, endorphins!)
Connected Hearts Journal - Table of Contents
  • Joint parent-child journal that you complete together
    Split page design so the first half is completed by your child and the second by you. This is not a journal you put together for your kids... it's one you put together with them!
Connected Hearts Journal: Questions and Prompts
  • Questions for kids, prompts for parents
    Carefully chosen to build up your kids as you connect and capture memories. This'll be the best parenting tool in your entire toolkit for connecting with your kids and helping them learn important life lessons without them even realizing it!
  • Tons of coloring fun between all the writing
    Add a splash of color and make the journal uniquely your own!
Connected Hearts Journal: Animated Coloroing Page
  • "Progressive complexity" artwork
    Complex at the top and simpler at the bottom, the artwork is designed specifically so it is fun for both you and your kids!
Connected Hearts Journal: Progressive Complexity Coloring Pages
  • A special "Secrets" section
    A quick check on each page, with ample free space at the end of the journal to make all those difficult conversations happen. By honoring your kids request to either discuss or never mention these conversations, you slowly build trust that can last a lifetime.
Connected Hearts Journal: Secrets Section

Limited Time Only:
Download The Full Digital PDF*!

(Includes the complete 300-page journal with coloring pages + the "letter")

*The hardcopy print journals from the Kickstarter Campaign are all gone. Sorry.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If the Connected Hearts Journal isn't everything you expect it to be, just let us know within 30 days of purchase, and we'll send you a full refund. No hassles. No questions asked.

The History of Connected Hearts Journal... 

Connected Hearts Journal Image

Connected Hearts Journal is the quirky love child of Sumitha Bhandarkar, the founder of AFineParent.Com.

Sumitha noticed that while her daughter was quite a chatterbox, she much rather preferred to talk about "building all-electric cars with glitter all over them and golden handles" and other fantastical things, rather than about Important Topics like honesty, values and character.

This lead Sumitha down a long rabbit trail of how to talk to our kids about these topics which somehow ended with the creation of Connected Hearts Journal. (She was looking for the "perfect" journal to record memories of her daughter at the time, and that may have something to do with it...)

Anyway, in 2016 Sumitha took the Connected Hearts Journal to Kickstarter and 542 awesome parents pre-ordered 953 journals!

Using the funds raised, Sumitha got 1,000 journals printed. All 1,000 units are now all gone, and there are no plans to reprint these at the time (The logistics of producing a "commercial" journal makes her think fondly of her Dreaded Dentist... So yes, not on the agenda for now.)

Which is why the Digital PDF of the full 300-page journal and the letter is up for grabs. Get it before she starts her "next project" and this one gets relegated to the back shelf :)

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