How to Stop the Tantrums, Power Struggles and Backtalk from Your Kids 

Without the Guilt of Yelling and Punishment, or the Powerlessness of Giving Into Every Demand

Here's What You’ll Learn


How to Finally End the Frustrating Tantrums, Backtalk, and Defiance from Your Kids—Once and for All

Tried everything, but still stuck with unsavory behavior? Discover a common parenting trap that most parents are oblivious to, and learn how to break out of it to create lasting change!


The Key to Replacing Punishment with Peace, While Still Raising Remarkable Kids Who Aren't "Spoiled Brats"

"Spare the rod, spoil the child!" Hmm, is that really true? Uncover the secret to giving up yelling and punishment (and the accompanying guilt!) to raise responsible kids. It IS possible!


How to Stop Feeling Constantly Like a Deer in the Headlights—and *Own* Your Parenting

The never-ending challenges of parenting can seem daunting, right? Take control with these 3 simple but powerful tools you can start using right away! Bye-bye overwhelm, hello confidence!

Isn't it heartbreaking when the love you have for your kids gets buried beneath conflicts and misunderstandings?

What if there was a simple solution to not only resolve behavioral issues, but also strengthen your bond with them at the same time?

My almost 3 year old recently said “I need a hug and then a simmer time please” followed by her willingness, and almost eagerness, to take a few deeps breaths and then a silly shake with me as well (we try to take a few deep breaths and “shake/wiggle” out the tension while making a small noise to relax the jaw)! #littlevictories

-Amélie F.

I've noticed a distinct change in how my 11-year-old handles situations that upset him and I think it's all due to the peaceful way I approach things now. We talk and ask questions instead of threatening punishment and it's really made a difference. #littlevictory

-Stacy E.

This On-Demand Video Training is a Must-Watch for You if...

  • You’ve tried every parenting strategy in the book, but nothing seems to stick.
  • You want a deeper connection with your children, but feel like you're constantly battling them.
  • You’ve always wondered, “Am I doing this right?” and just want some clear, practical guidance.
  • You want to replace yelling with effective communication and connection.
  • You want to raise resilient, confident children in a world full of challenges.
  • You’ve always felt like you’re just ‘surviving’ parenthood instead of truly enjoying it.
  • You believe in the potential of positive parenting but need a guiding hand to make it a reality.

Here Is A Small Sample Of The #LittleVictories Our Students Achieve Every Single Day!

Kiri A.

We've had two years of "I hate school," after our district went back to in-person. #LittleVictories is my daughter who now willingly goes to school without a meltdown every morning. She no longer has a designated adult to meet her at the door, and she tells me how much she loves her teachers.

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Angie R.

My #littlevictory is being able to recognize that I'm feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, and then using whatever (tool) I need to help calm the kids before I get too upset, so I can self-regulate and keep going. I usually just explode, just like my 2 and 4.5yo do, so this realization has been incredible in the last few weeks.

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Tara K.

I’ve been working to stay calm through all of my kiddo’s feelings, even when it seems to be personal. Our connection has built up over the summer and her aggression and meltdowns have decreased SO much! #LittleVictories

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Jessica C.

Been having recent success with preventing/minimizing toddler meltdowns, by starting with compassion -- before redirection, checking in with myself to be calm & intentional about my energy level and my compassion level before I engage. #littlevictory

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Rennie A.

My son has ADHD and I really struggled to deal with his tantrums which would really derail me. I have learnt so many techniques on coregulation and modeling behavior that not only probably saved our relationship, but saved my sanity! Thank you Sumitha and crew … thank you 🙏 #LittleVictories

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Özgü E.

I love the siblings rivalry masterclass, and we have used the ideas there and it has been very helpful. Our kids started to talk to each other more and it is such a blessing to see them grow together, supporting each other 🙂

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Estefania L.

One of the best #littlevictory is validating my kids feelings and acknowledging where they are. Connecting playfully has also been so very helpful when getting them to do their routine or transitions.

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Kate R.

The other day my almost-four-year-old said "I'm angry because..." and I was super proud of her for using words to tell me how she was feeling rather than screaming at me (which has been the default lately) #LittleVictories

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A Personal Invitation from Sumitha

Hi, there. I'm Sumitha, a mom, a Positive Discipline Certified Instructor, and the founder of A Fine Parent.

For over a decade now, my team and I have had the honor of supporting thousands of parents who are struggling with the everyday challenges of parenting, but know deep down that there IS a better way to raise happy, resilient, confident kids!

They recognize that parenthood can be a source of joy, not a constant struggle. And that you can shift from mere survival mode to actually thriving, so you can savor every precious moment with your children.

But for one reason or another, they’ve become stuck.

We understand where they are, and how overwhelming the fear, the doubts and the accompanying guilt can be. 

And we help them snap out of it.

Because we’ve been there too! All of us here at A Fine Parent are parents, and we’ve all struggled at one point or another, trying some quick fix a friend told us about, or madly searching Google only to come up against a sea of conflicting opinions and unreliable advice. We understand how frustrating it can be to put in all the effort only to see no lasting change.

We know how draining it can be to resort to yelling, or punishments that don't work, or falling down the rabbit hole of bribes in exchange for good behavior that only lasts until the next bribe.

Navigating the complexities of modern life is tough. For both parents and kids!

But calmly and confidently raising cooperative, responsible kids and equipping them with the essential life skills they’ll need to navigate life gloriously IS possible!

You need a fresh perspective and proven techniques that truly make a difference.

You need practical tools to foster open, respectful communication and create a stronger bond between you and your children.

You need support and community to cheer you on when things get rough.

And we’re here to provide it!

Join us for this FREE training and watch your transformation start to unfold right before your eyes. Just as it has for the thousands of parents in our community whom we support each day!

I watched the videos... All I can say is WOW. We've started applying many of the ideas and principles I learned at home this week and have already noticed a huge shift for the better. You are doing amazing work, Sumitha. Thank you.

-Maggie S.

Just the few masterclasses I have watched have helped my family so much! I knew what I didn't want to do anymore as a parent and was struggling with what to do instead. These masterclasses have been spot on for who I want to be as a parent. Thank you so much!

-Jen. C.

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