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Do you end up having to repeat the same thing a hundred times before your kids listen to you?

Do even the simplest requests turn into monster power struggles?

Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?

This training is for you!

Get the proven step-by-step video training by the creators of the most comprehensive parent support platform, the AFineParent Academy, showing you:

  • The only parenting style where kids listen without the drama
  • The biggest hurdle to parenting effectively, and how to overcome it
  • How to parent with calm confidence and long-lasting influence

By the end of this training you'll know WHY your kids don’t listen, and WHAT to do about it!


Don't get me wrong, I love webinars! But as a busy mom I struggle with:

A) Showing up at a fixed time 


B) Blocking out an entire hour for the webinar

So we're offering you this training chunked into 4 short segments. You can watch them at any time that works for you during your FREE 48-Hour Training Pass.

So go ahead and get started even if you have only a short time until your kids return from school, or that after-school class ends! You can always come back to the remaining segments any time before your free training pass expires!

I very much enjoyed the training and tips you provided, but most of all the way you explained them made them very understandable and fun to learn, which helps us as parents remember them better. Thank you!

William L.

I've really enjoyed everything I've learned from you thus far. This training in particular was super helpful for me and I was able to help one of my friends going through this issue as well. Thanks!

Nichole C.

I loved this training! It gives a very clear overview, synthesis of relevant research of why this works and such practical tips. I am a school psychologist and always looking for resources to recommend to parents. I highly recommend this!

Lesley P.

I found it very helpful & informative. Being a parent coach myself I gained insight into why we as a parents yell or become permissive. Thank you so much!

Zainab L.

I loved the multi-part course! I loved how short and simple each segment was; made it realistic to fit into my day 🙂 Thanks so much!

Jennifer M.

This was filled with so much wisdom to help me become a better parent!  Parenting is the most challenging job on the planet, and there is no one go-to rule book, but this training helped me become the parent I want to be. The short parts were easy to digest. This was perfect!

Christine S.

Having a trusted influential relationship spans well past the current worries of getting your kids to listen when you say “Eat your veggies” or “Put your screens away.” 

It extends to you becoming someone they will listen to when making some of the BIGGEST decisions of their life…

Even when you're not around! Like at school if someone offers them “stress-busting candy.” Or, goads them to vape so they can be “cool”!

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