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Thank you for all the incredible work you have done for the many years now! My daughter was 5 when I first came upon your website (by some miracle) -- this Sunday she’s turning 14. You, your work and your contagious positivity have been a part of our household for some years now. Thank you, thank you!

Anna T.

I’m grateful from the bottom of my heart. I’m a struggling mom here, desperate to be a better parent. I wish I had learned about this years ago. Best parenting resource I’ve  experienced so far! Thank you!

Danica C.

Thank you so much, Sumitha! I am new to Positive Parenting, and it is actually the sort of thing that I would roll my eyes at over the past ten years of my parenting. But in the last 2 years, things have really gone downhill, and I've decided I need to do some parenting development. Thank you for this, so helpful!

Sam K.

Thank you so much, I'm getting so much valuable information, skills, and tools, to help my family. Such a fabulous journey.


When I first found you my parenting style was very different. I used to use force, treats and I was struggling. This has totally altered thanks to you! You have helped change our life. The impact on my children is so great! I want to say a big thank you. 

Bijal M.

I have never paid for a course on parenting. I paid for yours because you are amazingly helpful and your exceptional work is SO needed; by myself and by every parent trying to learn how to get it as close to right as possible and actually have FUN doing it. 

Kristen M.

Having a trusted influential relationship spans well past the current worries of getting your kids to listen when you say “Eat your veggies” or “Put your screens away.” 

It extends to you becoming someone they will listen to when making some of the BIGGEST decisions of their life…

Even when you're not around! Like at school if someone offers them “stress-busting candy.” Or, goads them to vape so they can be “cool”!

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