What do past conference attendees have to say about the AFineParent Positive Parenting Conference? 

Read on and feel the love!

-Liz R.

Thank you for another great conference! I've been listening every year since my babe was born and it's been very beneficial for our family.

- Ellie S.

When I started this conference, I was feeling like a "bad parent" and was looking for advice on how to be a better or "good parent." I have learned that there are no "good" or "bad" parents. We are all on a constant journey to learn and practice being the best parents we can be. Some days all we can do is show up. Other days we are on point. And some days we just lose it and have to take responsibility for our outbursts. Parenthood is messy and beautiful. Thank you to all the speakers! I now have an open mind to keep learning and practicing for myself and my children.

- Rekha V.

Every year I see your conference and gain deeper knowledge to become a better parent and helps me in enhancing my skills as a Parenting Coach and Behavioural Counsellor.

-Priti S. C.

Positive Parenting Conference 2022 by AFineParent, is absolutely amazing & so rewarding. Loved the booklet and the challenges given to us, this is a massive learning & enriching experience.

-Anna T.

My daughter was 5 when I first came upon your website (by some miracle) - this Sunday she’s turning 14. You, your work and your contagious positivity have been a part of our household for some years now. Thank you, thank you! Whenever May rolls around I watch for your email on the masterclasses - I love them.

Thank you, this conference was amazing. I have 80+ pages of notes, I learned SO much and am so grateful to you all for taking time to do this. 

- Jamie C. K.

This conference has helped me to rethink some of the things I was doing with my kids. Having foster kids now in the mix, I have been wanting ideas and ways to shed how I was parented and find new ways to parent all the children in my household. This has definitely helped me understand that I can change how I thought of parenting (from discipline to connecting with the kids and their emotions). 

-Kate J.

You couldn't imagine how much I love and enjoy the positive parent conference. I commit to joining it every year and encourage my friends and students' families to participate in it, too. It is worth spending the time on it! Thank you for organizing this brilliant conference, and I am looking forward to meeting you next year.🙏🥰

- Yolanda H.

I just want to tell you thank you again for an outstanding conference so far. I can feel your desire to help us mamas. It's my third year participating and I look forward to it (and tell my mom-friends all about it!) every year! :)

- Mindi W.

I've managed to work through 6 of the masterclasses so far and it's been very insightful and helpful. Really grateful for the work you do. Thank you!

-Marelise C.

So far I have a total of 36 pages of notes 😱 and I am only part way through day 2️⃣. Words can not express how much I am enjoying and valuing listening to many authors I respect and being introduced to new ones. I am a mum of two boys (4 and 3) as well as a Social Worker in Child and Adolescent Mental Health. This Parenting Conference is helping me both personally and professionally ❤️ 

-Brooke B.

Masterclass Takeaways and Change through Challenge

The hour-long masterclasses always resonate with parents, especially the immediately applicable challenges at the end of every one.

-Amélie F.

I watched the masterclass with Carla Naumburg and it was AMAZING. I learned so much! I'm a clinical psychologist besides being a mom and very excited when I can learn such valuable information.

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- Megan S.

I attend the conference every year and am just eager to find one or 2 things to incorporate in my parenting that can change our dynamics. My past takeaways that we’ve stuck with over the past conferences have been: active listening, empathy, playful parenting.

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-Nina K.

I just watched the Roughhousing talk and it was so much fun! Amazing and inspiring! In my family I am the one who is extra careful and worry about safety while my kids’ dad is at the other end- they are fine, no matter what. I have learned a lot and have adjusted a lot through the years but still there is a big gap between my view and my partner’s. After the talk, I now know for sure that there are a few things that my partner needs to adjust, too. As a whole I am so excited to try more roughhousing games with my own kids and my students, too.

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-Zainab L.

It’s not about being the perfect parent, it’s about parenting with presence” by Daniel Seigel. So many nuggets of gold in these masterclasses.

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-Corinne D.

I really like Julie King's challenge. It's very thought-provoking and my kids actually liked brainstorming ideas (especially because we wrote down all ideas, no matter how silly or unrealistic) in the end everyone agreed to a feasible solution. I will definitely be utilizing this 3 step process more in the future!

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-Meg H.

Will Bowen's complaint-free challenge. My favorite part is my 9 year old daughter IMMEDIATELY noticed I was wearing a bracelet when I picked her up from school that day, which triggered a nice conversation with her about it!

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-Virginia C.

Vanessa Lapointe’s play challenge. It’s been really helpful with re-establishing connection after a tough couple of weeks.

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-Anna M.

Another win! Thanks to Janine Halloran for the idea! Just appeased a grumpy 7 year old out the door for school with the promise of a game! Played red light, green light (and lots of other colours) all the way to school! He loved getting involved in inventing new rules and making me play too. Think it's the quickest we've ever got to school! 😁

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-Iga D.

I liked all the challenges as they were so inspiring 🤩. The one I am currently focusing on, is a complaint-free challenge. It is the one I started right away and which I took to immediately as it affects my whole life, not only my parenting but my marriage, my friendships and my spiritual life too 🥰!

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-Deanna J.

I tried Renee Jain's self-compassion challenge. I had 5 minutes and I cut myself slack for feeling like I'm not doing my best (with all my health issues). I reminded myself I'm getting treatment and following all my doctor's advice. I need to take care of myself so I can be there for my daughter. I'm constantly learning about my daughter's developmental disorders. I might snap at her sometimes but I've come a long way and have more days of patience than impatience.

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-Michelle J.

I know that negativity is a big part of where my parenting style creates problems. I listened to the masterclass yesterday and I am on day 2 of the 21-day challenge. I have already had two interactions with my 22 year old daughter that I know would have ended in conflict if I had engaged with my usual attitude. I could hear her voice ramping up for argument but each time I responded without complaining, she de-escalated!

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-Annette B.

I have been so pleasantly surprised how Julie Kng’s Acknowledge - Describe - Brainstorm” challenge has worked! My 11 year old was so responsive to this! I’ll definitely be making this the first tool in my parenting tool box!

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-Allyson H.

Dr. Stixrud’s challenge has helped me to respond with more empathy and less judgment. Instead of fixing my son’s problem, I listened, validated, and encouraged him! He came up with a solution that was 100% authentic and totally him. It was so cool to watch him express himself this way and I learned a lot about him!

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Parenting Wins (So Many Wins!)

Roughhousing is the best! My kids are 11 and 14 and we are still doing it. I didn't realize how important it was until I watched the masterclass. Just made me feel good.

- Elizabeth D.

We turned off all electronics and played “throw the light up bouncy ball” for 30 minutes. I haven’t heard my kids laugh like that in a while! Most weeknights are super busy since I work full time and there are 3 of them, but tonight I made time to just sit and play with them. We had a blast!

-Brandee L.

I just want to give a testimony of an amazing thing that happened after listening to the masterclass on how not to lose your sh* with your kids. I rarely shout at my kids (3.75 and 9months) but I also don’t tell them that I’m angry either. It struck me what the speaker said about how they can navigate later life and how can they do that if they haven’t had experience of dealing with someone’s anger. My preschooler has been especially challenging this past week. One of my triggers is that he doesn’t answer my questions when he’s in a grumpy mood. So I’ve picked him up from nursery and then it’s lunchtime so I put some food in front of him and he tells me he doesn’t want it. I say that if he wants to ask me for something else then I can think about getting it but if he doesn’t ask me then he can have what’s in front of him. He then starts crying and telling me that he’s hungry. I’m feeling annoyed (which I would normally suppress) but instead I think well that would happen if I told him my feelings without acting from my feelings later. So I tell him that I’m annoyed that I’ve told him if he wants other food to ask for it but that he didn’t answer me. He stopped wailing and started to think. Then he sulked for a few minutes and then I noticed him starting to eat from the plate in front of him. I tell him that I really appreciate that he made such an effort to eat something even though he didn’t feel like it. I then get him some special juice that I had been planning to surprise him with. He then says “thank you mummy for this special juice! It’s my favourite!” This is the charming mode he goes into when he’s in his best self. He eats, I take him to bed and instead of fighting me, when I say “sleep well” he says “I will!” And rolls over to sleep 🤯🤯 Needless to say I was shocked by the results.

- Becky L.

Loved the conference, learned a lot of practical, immediately applicable information!


This conference has already made such a difference to me and my kids. I have 6 year old, very giddy twins, who have recently been arguing constantly. So yesterday I tried Julie King's tips on problem solving whilst we drove home from swimming lessons. Wow! They solved the problem on their own, and then we discussed 2 others which they found solutions for. Thank you so much for sharing these tools and techniques.  We all feel so much happier already.

-Lynne C.

Loved the vast amount of knowledge on differing topics. I learned so many new tools to help my toddler get through her feelings.


I absolutely love the down to earth presenters who don’t tell you everything you’re doing wrong, but admit none of us are perfect and give practical advice and strategies to better our parenting. 

-Stephanie H.

PPC gave me easy and effective tools from experts to implement immediately in my home. I loved that I could watch the videos on my own time when it was convenient for me as a busy mom. I can't wait to see the results 


I’m always striving to improve my positive parenting skills, so online classes like these are super helpful. My default as a parent is authoritarian, and it’s very hard to break that habit. The other day I was listening to Julie King’s masterclass about communication, and how it’s ineffective to boss our kids around and just throw orders at them. Her suggestion was to understand them first, and then empower them by saying they can do hard things (and believing that they CAN and will). My 5 year old son made a huge mess on the back porch with garden soil. I’m talking a HUGE mucky mess! Naturally he didn’t want to clean it up, and I was inclined to just order him to do it “because I said so”. What Julie King talked about came to the forefront of my mind, and instead of ordering my son to just do it, I acknowledged that it looked like a big job (understanding his overwhelm), then switched to the encouragement phase. I told him “you had such a good time playing in the dirt. Now it’s time to clean up. You can do hard things. What tools do you think you need to get that job done?” Well, like magic, he found a little shovel and started cleaning up! I was amazed! It takes me a ton of practice but I’m certain positive parenting techniques make or break our days. So thank you for putting this free conference on! It has really helped my family, and will continue to do so. 

-Aileen N.

Survey says…!

Every year we wrap up the Positive Parenting Conference with an anonymous survey. The responses not only help us improve the conference and make it even better each year, but are also so gratifying!

As a therapist and parent of 3 young kids, I would definitely recommend this conference to anyone looking for practical parenting tips!

Such an excellent resource for parents, caregivers, these masterclasses did not only share information about perspectives and research about child development, but also provided insights into problem solving.

Thank you so much for another brilliant conference. I feel encouraged, armed with better understanding, new strategies and new perspectives, and glad to know I am not alone in the challenges of parenting. It's so great to have this free conference, with so many wonderful experts, available to watch when it fits with family life.

This conference had a great variety of topics to pick and choose from. All knowledge and practical tips I can implement right away and see positive steps toward a better relationship between parent and kids. Thank you!

This conference is incredible. I am so glad I signed up after seeing an ad on social media. It was really easy, and enjoyable, to attend. I will 100% be tuning in to the next one.

I enjoyed the conference and look forward to next year. I learned so much and I am more confident that positive parenting is the right way to raise children.  

Every year I look forward to the Positive Parenting Conference. It has been a great help to me and I won't miss it for the world. I love how each speaker is chosen carefully, and how the interviewer reads the book before the interview and asks all the right questions. Amazing conference. all parents in the world need to see it and make use of it.

Really appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication, these masterclasses are full of information, easy to understand and remember and very useful. It’s like therapy for me because I feel understood and know that I am not alone and I can grow as a mom and I can help my kids grow with all the knowledge from the masterclasses. Thank you so much! You are making a difference in the world! 

Thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference. Being able to learn so much in terms of tips and ideas on helping and seeing my kids where they were and sometimes understanding where I was coming from was truly a blessing. Definitely not lying when I say I ordered a lot of the books to read with my book club!

This is my second PPC conference and it has been an awesome experience for me. I always look forward to it. I love the amazing line-ups of experts, they did justice to the topics. I have been applying some of the tips I learn in my parenting journey and the results have been excellent. A big thanks to the convener and team of this awesome Conference. 

The few classes I was able to watch made me realize I am not a bad mom and that many moms, including parenting experts, have the same issues I do. That led to me improving my interactions with my kids.

I've been looking forward to PPC every year. It really did help me navigate around parenting my 3 boys. Every speaker is very knowledgeable and provides really valuable insights. This PPC is a blessing for parents like me.

Loved the conference, learned a lot of practical, immediately applicable information!

I learned so much more than I expected, and it was truly worthwhile! I have watched some free "classes" before where you get a few basic tips that you probably already know and they spend the rest of the time trying to sell their course. This was totally different. Some of the masterclasses were on books I have wanted to read but have not yet gotten to, and others were on books I had never heard of and have now added to my list. I have already had great discussions with my husband about what I have learned, and we put some new things into practice right away. This was a very valuable experience, and I look forward to doing it again!

I recommend this conference so much! There is a lot of material to be inspired with. All based on love and respect! I have already started using some of it and am planning to read some of the books written by the guest speakers. I am so inspired and so energised! I just wish I had participated earlier but will do my best to use this knowledge intensely! 

Even More Love!

Laura D.

I've been trying to parent this way all along, but I still learned so much and some of the changes the PPC prompted me to make were life changing - specifically screen time. Thank you!

Brenda S.

The topics and presenters were very helpful in adding resources to my parenting toolbox. I highly recommend this conference to the busy parent who just needs a few more things in their toolbox.


I really enjoyed learning how to parent in a more positive way, especially when it came to looking at how I react to my kids and my inner triggers. I have some great things to work on now! I highly recommend this conference to anyone with kids of all ages.


I loved the PPC this year! Speakers gave really excellent insights and I loved being able to watch them on my own time especially with the hectic schedule of motherhood!


PPC was a breath of fresh air I needed in the daily grind of looking after a baby. The guest speakers are very knowledgeable and are the top in their fields. The variety of parenting topics and guest speakers were phenomenal. Having all the knowledge and insight from these great speakers for a week for FREE is steal! 

Caroline T.

I really enjoyed the conference, it was a great opportunity to learn new things and get some great tips as well as hearing first hand from experts. Thank you! Already looking forward to the next one.


This conference helped remind me why I want to parent in a positive way and gave me lots of new information to think about. The challenges helped me put it straight to action. Couldn’t recommend enough and I will definitely be watching next year.

Heather S

This was a great selection of speakers that covered a variety of topics. Enough for parents of all spans to get advice/support to help them, their children, and their relationships.

Nette A.

I am constantly reading parenting books and looking for support. It was so great to hear from the authors/experts of many of the books I’ve read!

Michelle S.

My son is 3 years old and I have felt overwhelmed throughout most of my parenting journey. I was searching online for guidance and stumbled across the Positive Parenting Conference. I have attended 3 conferences now and find every class to be so helpful. They not only offer guidance for challenges I'm currently facing but also discuss topics I may face in the coming years as my son develops. Knowledge is power and I feel so much more confident in my new role as a parent after having attended each conference.

Heather H.

I really appreciated the practical tips and real world examples shared in the conference. I think every parent should have this information and the earlier in the parenting journey, the better!

What will YOUR PPC experience be?

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