In May 2017, 16 Parenting and Psychology Experts Came Together To Show Positive Ways to Raise Happy Well-Adjusted Kids in a Conference Attended by 9,600 Parents

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The conference has ended, but you can still get LIFETIME access to all 16 talk videos, downloadable audio and summary sheets for ONLY $157.

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What's Included in the Premium Recording Package...

16 Life-Altering Video Talks

Each of these videos bring the core essence of the most popular parenting books directly from the book's authors to you in easy-to-digest little bites that are also easy-to-implement! How can it get any better? 

Positive Parenting Conference: Dr. Laura Markham and Book

Dr. Laura Markham

How to Be an Emotionally Intelligent Parent

(Duration: 1:00:11)

Perspective Shifter

Positive Parenting Conference - Susan Stiffleman & Book

Susan Stiffelman

How to Get Your Kids to Cooperate

(Duration: 49:54)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Heather Shumaker and Book

Heather Shumaker

What to Do When Your Child Does NOT Want to Do the "Right" Thing

(Duration: 46:42)

Perspective Shifter

Positive Parenting Conference - Jessica Joelle Alexander and Book

Jessica Joelle Alexander

How to Raise Resilient Kids Using The Danish Way of Parenting

(Duration: 52:31)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Roma Khetarpal and Book

Roma Khetarpal

5 Easy-to-Remember Non-Verbal Communication Skills That Will Make You a More Mindful Parent

(Duration: 1:04:06)

Perspective Shifter

Positive Parenting Conference - Katie Hurley and Book

Katie Hurley

How to Help Your Child Be More Assertive

(Duration: 58:25)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Ariadne Brill and Book

Ariadne Brill

How to Use a "Time In" Instead of the Traditional "Time Out" (and Why)

(Duration: 51:41)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Sheila McCraith and Book

Sheila McCraith

3 Crucial Perspective Shifts That Will Help You Stop Yelling at Kids

(Duration: 58:59)

Perspective Shifter

Positive Parenting Conference - Tosha Schore and Book

Tosha Schore

Staylistening: One Simple Tool to Handle Tantrums, Emotional Meltdowns and More

(Duration: 50:04)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Lori Lite and Book

Lori Lite

School Stress: How to Cope With It Calmly and Effectively

(Duration: 44:39)

Deep Dive


Suzi Lula

How to Leave "Mom Guilt" Behind Once and For All

(Duration: 1:15:02)

Perspective Shifter

Positive Parenting Conference - Janine Halloran and Book

Janine Halloran

5 Simple Coping Skills To Help Anxious Kids Calm Down

(Duration: 39:25)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Book

Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore

How to Deal with Bullying (Whether Your Child is Bullied or Is the Bully)

(Duration: 54:02)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Jennifer Lehr and Book

Jennifer Lehr

How to Offer Positive Encouragement (Sorry, “Good Job!” Doesn’t Cut It)

(Duration: 49:50)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Tracy Cutchlow and Book - v2

Tracy Cutchlow

Say What You See: A Simple Script for Calm Communication When You Are Ready to Explode

(Duration: 46:16)

Deep Dive

Positive Parenting Conference - Kate Orson and Book

Kate Orson

How to Respond to Tears to Raise Strong Kids

(Duration: 33:00)

Perspective Shifter

Bonus Downloadable Audio for Each Talk

Positive Parenting Conference: Dr. Laura Markham and Book

This one's for you, multi-taskers! Take the talks with you wherever you go. Listen while you commute, exercise, cook...

Bonus Printable PDF Summary for Each Talk

Positive Parenting Conference: Dr. Laura Markham and Book

These include time stamps from the video! Perfect for quick lookups, ready notes or jotting down your thoughts...

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What People are Saying About the Conference...

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Why you should invest in the Premium Recording Package...

Because let's face it... Parenting is HARD!

There are not scripts. There is no manual. And there sure are no guarantees of any sort.

And to make matters even more difficult, no two kids are alike. Heck, even the same child will behave differently in different situations.

What is a parent to do?

Even before my daughter was 3, I found that we were already stuck in daily power struggles. Yelling and drama were the norm. I couldn't get through a single day without feeling stressed or guilty. I dreaded the thought of her teen years.

And then I stumbled upon an alternate way of parenting...

A ​school of thought that there is no need to ever punish a child. A belief that you can raise a child with respect and they will cooperate voluntarily. A conviction that you can form a relationship with your child so strong that it will withstand anything

I decided to give it a shot.

My daughter is now almost 9 and while I can't tell you what her teen years will be like, I can tell you this without any hesitation -- I am no longer afraid.

We no longer have those monster power struggles. We respect each other and treat each other well. When we do get upset, we make things right. And no matter what storms life throws at us, I know our relationship will weather it. And weather it well.

We're happy in each other's presence.​ Parenting feels like a privilege. And it brings me a soul-deep sense of rightness and fulfillment.

That is the confidence I want to bring to you. That is the joy I hope you feel when you are with your kids. That is the sense of fulfillment I hope you experience.

These talks will bring it to you. Whether you are hearing about Positive Parenting for the first time, or you've been at this for a while now, these talks will be your life-long companion. 

Something to learn from. Something to come back to. Something to inspire you. Something to help you stay on track.

Because yes, parenting is HARD. But nobody has to suffer for it!


You get INSTANT access to all the talks when you buy the Premium Recording Package. Watch them and see for yourself what a difference they can make to your family! 

I believe in what I do and strive to put out in the world only what I think is of the highest quality. If for any reason, you feel that these talks aren't life-altering, simply let me know within 30 days, and I will issue you a 100% refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Fair enough?

Our Speakers Have Been Featured In:

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Meet Your Host

Hi, My name is Sumitha and I am a regular parent like most of you.

Before I had my daughter, I honestly didn't give much of a thought to parenting. After all, parents have done this for ages... how hard can it be, right? 

Oh, how naive I was!

My daughter challenges me every step of the way. She is my joy one minute and a source of abject exasperation the next. Raising her has made me come face to face with the depth of my character and the shallowness of it. I revel in my strengths one moment and the next, I am moved to tears by my weaknesses.

In 2013 I started AFineParent.Com to make sense of it all. Its been a fascinating and fulfilling few years since! This conference is in some sense a culmination of everything I set out to do then -- be curious, learn, keep an open mind and find a way to really enjoy the journey while finding a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I hope you find as much value in participating in this conference, as I did in putting it together!

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