Positive Parenting Conference Speaker Testimonials

So grateful for all these lovely speakers for joining us in the past conferences!

Here's what they had to say about their experience...


Dr. Laura Markham

Participating in the The Positive Parenting Conference organized by Sumitha Bhandarkar has been a pleasure. I'm interviewed for conferences like this quite often, but Sumitha's really stands out. First, Sumitha is organized and thorough. She does her homework, reading my books well in advance and coming up with excellent questions that will really serve her viewers. Second, she's a lovely, warm, positive person who connects with every author she interviews. Third, she's brilliant. She easily grasps complex ideas and summarizes them for her viewers. Finally, Sumitha understands how tough parenting can be, and in her questions she represents the experience of her viewers non-judgmentally and supportively. I love her dedication to supporting parents.

Mercedes Samudio

Mercedes Samudio, LCSW

Speaker, Bestselling Author, Founder of Shame Proof Parenting

Sumitha is so professional and has created an amazing platform for experts to share their expertise with parents and families. I was honored to be interviewed. And, I can say with enthusiasm and passion that Sumitha has curated a series of topics that will effectively support parents and their families.

Patty Wipfler

Patty Wipfler

As a conference producer, Sumitha is organized! I found the terms of participation to be generous and flexible, and her simple process made my participation hassle-free. As an interviewer, Sumitha is warm, alive, and knows how to bring out the best in people. She's present, personal, and professional; her leading questions are intelligent; she stays on topic while maintaining the spontaneity and spark that infuse a good interview. I'd participate again in a heartbeat.

Arlene Pellicane

What a joy it was to work with A Fine Parent! Sumitha is organized and such a passionate leader who works to educate families. This community is so engaged and active. They are mothers and fathers who really care about their children and who are willing to invest time and energy to become better parents. I was interviewed by Natalie Tysdal from Sumitha's team, and she was warm, professional, fun and prepared. We talked about the ideas from my book Screen Kids and I believe that this interview will have a big positive impact on the viewers!

Audrey Monke

As a presenter, I found Sumitha and Lisa amazing to work with. Their thoroughness in preparation for the interview was exemplary, and I very much enjoyed the experience of sharing my ideas with them. As a speaker, it's such a pleasure to work with professionals who know their material, are well prepared and great conversationalists. They are passionate about bringing parents the best information and classes possible, and I appreciated being part of their Master Class Series.

Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

It was a joy to work with Sumitha. Her insightful and well prepared questions brought a delightful energy to the interview. She went beneath the surface to clarify concepts, draw out concrete examples and connect on an emotional level with both the joys and challenges of being a parent.

Carla Naumburg

Dr. Carla Naumburg

Working with Sumitha and Natalie was a pleasure, from our first email communication to the end of our conversation. Sumitha was organized and responsive, and Natalie had clearly not only read my book, How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids, but she also structured a fun and engaging interview. I had a wonderful time participating in the Positive Parenting Conference and I'm honored to join such an esteemed group of parenting experts.

Iris Chen

Sumitha and her team were wonderful to work with. I have participated in many online parenting conferences where I felt taken for granted and pressured to promote, but my experience with the Positive Parenting Conference has been very different. They showed that they valued my work and experience by reaching out months in advance, taking the time to read my book (Untigering: Peaceful Parenting for the Deconstructing Tiger Parent), asking thoughtful questions, and generously honoring my labor. I'd be happy to participate again. Thank you, Sumitha and team!

Ramona Zabriskie

Author, Speaker, Mentor, Founder of WifeSavers.Org

My experience working with Sumitha and her team has been outstanding. Having been an invited/featured speaker for a number of virtual conferences, I can say that Sumitha's approach is by far the most organized and professional. I felt truly valued and respected for my knowledge and experience, rather than for the size of my platform. I enjoyed the interview experience as well and was very impressed with Sumitha's preparation and again, with her organization. From top to bottom, it has been a delight working with the Positive Parenting Conference.

Douglas Haddad

Positive Parenting Conference is a testament to the hard work put forth by Sumitha Bhandarkar in organizing a truly outstanding event to help parents, educators, and anyone looking to make a difference in a young person's life. Bringing together the top world experts in the realm of parenting and child guidance in one forum allows for such a powerful impact to be made and I was honored to be a part of this event.

Amy Morin 2017 headshot square

Amy Morin

Being part of Sumitha's summit was a great experience. She was well-organized and very respectful of my time. She made the process simple and easy. She was well-prepared for the interview and she did an excellent job highlighting information from both of my books.

Cath Hakanson

I was so impressed as to how streamlined the whole process was, from the beginning to the end. I was impressed with the consideration for my Australian timezone, appreciated the questions beforehand so that I knew what to expect, enjoyed how it was divided into sections so we could have a short break, and the awareness that puberty may be a sensitive topic for the listener! A great experience!

Penny Williams

It is always a pleasure to participate in Sumitha’s conferences! She is organized, thoughtful and full of heart, and ensures that participation is a win for both her and you, the speaker. I will participate as many times as she’ll have me. 

Dr. Deborah MacNamara

I was delighted to participate in Sumitha’s conference. The time her team took to read my book, formulate questions, and conduct a professional and thoughtful interview was truly impressive. Thank you, it was a real pleasure to work with you. 

Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Author, International Speaker, Clinical Psychologist, DrShefali.Com

Sumitha is a wonderful host who is both knowledgeable and experienced. She asked well-honed questions that will surely help illuminate wonderful messages out into the world.

Shawn Achor

New York Times bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage

Sumitha created a fantastic conversation by first building an active community interested in making ideas come alive, then following up by preparing questions that showed her understanding both of the content and how to make it practical for the listeners.

Dr. Lawrence Cohen

Thank you Sumitha for a wonderful interview. You went right to the heart of Playful Parenting and made it possible to cover a lot of ground with a lot of depth. I think it will be immediately useful for parents new to my work and a great validation for those who are familiar with it already. 

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, MD

I'm invited to a dizzying array of online conferences as a speaker. I usually hesitate to participate, but I'm so glad that in this case I did! Sumitha gave me a well-organized, low stress way to share my message with their audience, while asking very little of me by way of "advertising" and making sure I'm comfortable at every point. Further, the community of speakers came together to beautifully support one another in a way I've not experienced before.

Dr. William Stixrud

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Founder Stixrud Group

I loved talking with Sumitha about my book, The Self-Driven Child (which I wrote with my friend, Ned Johnson). She clearly had read my book very carefully, and she asked excellent questions that made for a great conversation. She's also an exceptionally charming host with a wonderful sense of humor and an obvious desire to help parents and families. This is one of the very best interviews I've done the the past two years!

Linda McGurk

I’m really passionate about sharing my work on outdoor play and nature connection, so when Sumitha invited me on as an expert at the Positive Parenting Conference I didn’t hesitate. Sumitha handled everything very professionally from the get-go, from the initial invitation and communication, to the interview and follow-up. I feel honored to be featured along with so many other knowledgeable and engaging speakers on parenting.

Casey O'Roarty

It was my honor to participate in the Positive Parenting Conference. Sumitha was as professional as they come, prepared with thoughtful questions and knowledge of my work. She is a skilled interviewer, and time flew by as we talked. I felt as though there was so much space to share about what I am most passionate about - supporting parents in being in relationship with their kids! Super grateful for the opportunity to join in the conversation.

Nicole Schwarz

I am thrilled to be among the amazing speakers at the Positive Parenting Conference. Sumitha kept things organized every step of the way, sending timelines and interview questions in advance. Natalie put my nerves at ease during the interview with the perfect combination of professionalism and friendliness. Seeing how things run behind the scenes, it's no wonder this is such an impactful conference for parents around the world.

Natasha Daniels

It is a pleasure to participate in the Positive Parenting Conference. Sumitha Bhandarkar and the entire A Fine Parent team are well organized and professional. I was impressed with the interviewer’s level of preparation and skill. I appreciated getting a comprehensive list of the questions she would ask, as well as what pages she was referring to in my book. The recording went seamlessly and I know that my interview along with the other panel experts will help so many parents! 

Rebecca Eanes

Sumitha puts together the most amazing parenting conferences! I’m not a great speaker, but she makes it easy, from her helpful notes and pre-conference call to the recording itself, which she makes flow smoothly with great questions and a friendly, fun personality.

Dr. Melanie Greenberg - square

Dr Melanie Greenberg

Writer of the Mindful Self-Express Blog on Psychology Today

It was such a pleasure to participate in The Positive Parenting Conference organized by Sumitha Bhandarkar. Sumitha is a true professional and it shows! She puts together a conference of the highest calibre, with many A-list authors and experts. I found Sumitha to be reliable, highly organized, conscientious, collaborative and easy to work with. She is sincere in her mission to provide practical tools to parents based on the latest insights and research. She read my book The Stress-Proof Brain prior to the interview and put together a list of questions that brought out the best of my knowledge. She was relaxed and fun to talk to, while keeping everything on track. I would participate again in a heartbeat!

Aubrey Hargis

Participating in the Positive Parenting Conference was a delight! Everything about the experience was fluid and flexible, organized and intellectual. Thank you so much to Sumitha and her team for putting together a focused resource for modern parents!


Jamie Martin

I loved my interview with Sumitha. She was highly prepared, exceedingly professional, and enthusiastically encouraging. It was a delight to chat with her and to share with her engaged community of parents.

Michelle Icard

Sumitha has put together a well-oiled machine, making it easy and fun to participate in A Fine Parent masterclass series. My interview with Natalie Tysdale was thorough, professional and warm. I’m honored to have been invited.

Deborah Reber

I loved being a part of the Positive Parenting Conference and having the opportunity to do a deep, thoughtful dive into my book Differently Wired and explore my mission of shifting the paradigm for parents of neurodivergent kids. The interview was smooth, professional, and comfortable, and I so appreciate the care Lisa took in guiding the conversation. Thank you for seeing the "why" behind my work and helping me reach more parents through your lovely offering!

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

The Positive Parenting Conference is a great way to have a big impact in helping parents be more intentional and the kind of parents their children need them to be. It was a great investment of time to be part of this conference. I loved sharing the ideas from The YES Brain and was thrilled with the reach and impact this conference had.


Dr. Michele Borba

I’ve had the honor of speaking at many parenting online conferences, but I admit one of my favorites was the Positive Parenting Conference. The tone is so warm, the goal is so valid (REACH PARENTS) and the style is superb. Sumitha Bhandarkar, the conference coordinator, is organized, competent, and a fabulous interviewer. You feel like you’re speaking to your best friend! And she does her homework. She read my book, UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me-World, reviewed past interviews and so when the questions came we were able to dig deeper in the subject. And I was also able to offer so many practical parenting solutions. I hope there’s “a next” time. In fact, I already said “yes!” Thank you, Sumitha. 

Dr. Becky Bailey

Working with Sumitha and the team at The Positive Parenting Conference was a straightforward, easy and enriching opportunity. Sumitha was knowledgeable , engaging, insightful and fun to work with. She gave me a platform from which to share important social and emotional information with a global parent audience. My company's mission is to "provide every adult with the inspiration, knowledge and skills to implement Conscious Discipline and improve children’s lives for generations," and I believe my time with The Positive Parenting Conference helped me to do just that.

Dr. Kathy Koch

Being interviewed by Sumitha for the Positive Parenting Conference was a very positive experience. She is personable and easy to talk with. She was extremely well prepared for our interview, told relevant stories about my ideas which made the interview come alive, and asked important questions. She didn’t let her planning control her, but was instead able to follow up on my comments in very natural ways. I’m encouraged by how many details I was able to share. I believe parents will easily understand what we talked about and be able to implement ideas successfully.

Dr. Mona Delahooke

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, MonaDelahooke.Com

It was a joy to have an interview with Sumitha on a topic I’m so passionate about. I was really impressed that she read my whole book prior to the interview, and her questions illuminated the key points I want to share with parents. I also appreciated the way Sumitha summarized different parts of the interview, reinforcing learning and the strategies in the Beyond Behaviors Model. I’m already looking forward to the next time I can participate and am grateful for the information she is sharing with the parenting community to create a more positive world for children and parents.

Trish Wilkinson

Giving a masterclass for A Fine Parent, to share information and tips from Brain Stages, was such an honor as I dearly appreciate the quality information and tools they provide to so many parents! Further, in all of the interviews and events I've done on TV, radio shows, podcasts, and summits, no one has been better prepared to ensure the best quality masterclass for their participants than Lisa Hoashi and Sumitha Bhandarkar. AFineParent.com is truly a top-notch organization!

kj dell'antonia headshot

KJ Dell'Antonia

Sumitha is a wonderful host, warm and well-prepared and excited to share with others. Being interviewed by her was a pleasure, and the entire experience of working with her was so well-organized and thoughtful--seamless. It was an ideal conference experience.

Judy Arnall

Sumitha was a lovely and knowledgeable interviewer. I felt totally at ease.

Will Bowen

This was a prepared, organized, and excellent interview. It was simple to do my part. I’m honored to have participated.

Leeza Steindorf

Having been a teacher of parents and educators around the globe for over a decade now, I have spoken at many conferences, trade fairs and forums. They are complex events to organize, and the gathering of high quality speakers on a subject as broad as raising young people is a difficult task. Sumitha is masterful at envisioning, orchestrating and offering to a broad community the Positive Parenting Conference. Her organizational skills, clear communication and pleasant demeanor are outshone only by her dedication to utilizing high values, skillful experts and a tight-knit community to assure future generations of healthy, happy and thriving children. Being involved as a speaker has been an absolute pleasure. Thank you Sumitha!

Hunter Clarke Fields

I really enjoyed recording the interview for A Fine Parent. From their first outreach through to after the interview, the whole team has been kind and professional. Thank you!

Mark Wolynn

I thoroughly enjoyed being in your conference, Sumitha. Your warmth and authenticity set the tone immediately. The message you bring to parents is absolutely vital.

Ned Johnson

Talking with kids is an important and powerful parenting tool: for connection, for learning, for helping families navigate challenges and love one another more deeply. I am so grateful to Sumitha for bringing to parents the wisdom of parenting authors and experts who, like parents, want to do all they can to help children learn, grow, and thrive. Sumitha has a knack for bringing the best out of her guests so they, in turn, can bring the best out of all of us as parents.

Simone Davies

This was a very positive experience for me - Sumitha is well organised, professional and the team prepared the interview very thoroughly. All these things make a huge difference as a speaker. Thanks Sumitha for the opportunity to take part in your community and summit.