3 Crucial Perspective Shifts That Will Help You Stop Yelling at Kids

Sheila McCraith

In this talk Sheila and I discuss:

  • The impossible challenge Sheila set for herself to stop yelling at her kids
  • The 3 huge perspective shifts that helped her go 520 days straight without yelling, and how it can help us too
  • Many, many, many small tricks to break the yelling habit

This FREE Replay Has Expired

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About the Speaker:

Positive Parenting Conference - Sheila McCraith and Book

Sheila McCraith is a stay-at-home mom to 4 boys. Back in 2012 when her youngest was still a baby and all 4 boys were still under 5, Sheila found herself “losing it” way too often and yelling a whole lot more than she cared for. So she committed to going 365 days straight without yelling and called it The Orange Rhino Challenge. It took her several attempts, but she made it! Here personal record is going 520 days straight without yelling.Yell Less

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