Staylistening: One Simple Tool to Handle
Tantrums, Emotional Meltdowns and More

Tosha Schore

If you struggle to handle tantrums and big emotions, this talk is for you!

In this talk, Tosha and I discuss:

  • The 5 tools that make hand-in-hand parenting so effective
  • Dive deep into one of the tools called "Staylistening" that you can use to help your kids unload their emotional baggage
  • Discuss Staylistening in the context of several examples scenarios from members of our community

Here we go -

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The full 1-hr version of this talk was FREE during the Positive Parenting Conference 2017 and the Free Replay Week in December 2019. Now you can get it through the conference recording package here. To be notified of future FREE Conferences and Replay Weeks, join our community mailing list here.

About the Speaker:

Positive Parenting Conference - Tosha Schore and Book

Tosha Schore, MA, is mother of three boys, author of “Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Parenting Challenges”, and creator of Parenting Boys Peacefully: A Free 10-Day Reconnect! Find Tosha at, where she is committed to creating lasting change in families and in the world by supporting parents to care for themselves, connect with their boys deeply, set limits lovingly, and play wildly.

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Listen: Five Simple Tools to Meet Your Everyday Parenting Challenges

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