Positive Parenting Conference 2019 Speaker Collage


AUGUST 20 - 22, 2019 ONLY

This Limited Time Audio Package Includes ALL Of These Masterclasses

Dr. Laura Markham

Masterclass #1: Sibling Rivalry

  • Why Siblings Fight and Our Role in it as Parents (50:46)
  • How to Lay the Foundations for a Family Culture Rooted in Cooperation Instead of Competition (35:25)
  • Challenge Segment (06:16)

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel

Masterclass #2: Parenting Adolescents

  • Understanding the Changes in the Adolescent Brain (40:17)
  • Mindsight Tools for Thriving in Adolescence (29:37)
  • Challenge Segment (06:32)

Joanna Faber & Julie King

Masterclass #3: Parenting 2-7 Year Olds

  • The Many Tools Available for Preventing Tantrums (47:17)
  • Tools for Parents of Kids Who Are Differently Wired (26:30)
  • Challenge Segment (10:47)

Kim John Payne

Masterclass #4: Handling Stress in Children

  • Impact of Stress on Children (33:34)
  • The Practical Nitty-Gritty Details of How to Simplify (34:45)
  • Challenge Segment (16:37)

Dr. Ross Greene

Masterclass #5: Collaborative & Proactive Solutions

  • A Case for Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (39:19)
  • A Step-by-Step Approach for Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (38:19)
  • Challenge Segment (06:00)

Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka 

Masterclass #6: Parenting Spirited Kids

  • Understanding Your Spirited Child So You can Joyfully Move Forward Together (32:25)
  • Managing Intensity (Both Yours and Your Spirited Child’s!) (32:51)
  • Challenge Segment (06:16)

Pam Leo

Masterclass #7: Decoding a Child’s Needs

  • Decoding your Child’s Needs Based on Their Behavior (27:42)
  • Role of Connection and Respect in Parenting (34:45)
  • Challenge Segment (10:10)

Ramona Zabriskie

Masterclass #8: “Forever” Relationships

  • The Basic Requirements of a “Forever” Relationship (40:00)
  • Attitudes of Dream Breakers vs. Dream Makers (57:51)
  • Challenge Segment (08:40)

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Masterclass #9: Fostering Independence

  • How to Raise Independent and Capable Adults (41:39)
  • How to Raise Independent Critical Thinkers (25:11)
  • Challenge Segment (08:24)

James Clear

Masterclass #10: Behavior Change

  • The Fundamentals of Behavior Change (43:27)
  • Behavior Change in Parents and Kids (Example Walkthroughs) (22:15)
  • Challenge Segment (04:22)

Jessica Lahey

Masterclass #11: School Success

  • Role of Failure in Succeeding at School (25:15)
  • Handling Homework and Grades (32:34)
  • Forging successful parent-teacher partnerships (35:45)
  • Challenge Segment (07:29)

Dr. Devorah Heitner

Masterclass #12: Navigating the Digital World

  • What Kids Need from Parents to Effectively Navigate the Digital World (35:21)
  • Mentoring in Action (Example Walkthroughs) (24:26)
  • Challenge Segment (07:15)

Shawn Achor

Masterclass #13: The Science of Happiness

  • Positive Psychology Findings that will Help Your Kids Become Successful in School and Life (34:02)
  • Positive Psychology Findings that will Make You a Happier, More Fulfilled Parent (27:51)
  • Challenge Segment (07:24)

Lynn Lyons

Masterclass #14: Breaking Free from Anxiety

  • Changing How We Think About Anxiety (35:16)
  • What to Do to Help Your Kids Break Free from Anxiety (37:28)
  • Challenge Segment (08:22)

KJ Dell’Antonia

Masterclass #15: Happier Parenting

  • 10 Mantras for Happier Parenting (28:41)
  • Happier Mornings (26:39)
  • Happier Mealtimes (33:01)
  • Challenge Segment (05:52)

Mercedes Samudio

Masterclass #16: Removing Shame from Parenting

  • Understanding the Effects of Shame on Parenting (23:37)
  • The Shame-Proof Parenting Framework and Manual (29:26)
  • Overcoming Parenting Defense Mechanisms and Growing as a Parent (18:16)
  • Challenge Segment (03:11)

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What These Masterclasses Can Do For You

Let's face it... Parenting is HARD.

There are not scripts. There is no manual. And there sure are no guarantees of any sort.

And to make matters even more difficult, no two kids are alike. Heck, even the same child will behave differently in different situations.

What is a parent to do?

Even before my daughter was 3, I found that we were already stuck in daily power struggles. Yelling and drama were the norm. I couldn't get through a single day without feeling stressed or guilty. I dreaded the thought of her teen years.

And then I stumbled upon an alternate way of parenting...

A ​school of thought that there is no need to ever punish a child. A belief that you can raise a child with respect and they will cooperate voluntarily. A conviction that you can form a relationship with your child so strong that it will withstand anything

I decided to give it a shot.

My daughter is 11 now and while I can't tell you what her teen years will be like, I can tell you this without any hesitation -- I am no longer afraid.

We no longer have those monster power struggles. We respect each other and treat each other well. When we do get upset, we make things right. And no matter what storms life throws at us, I know our relationship will weather it. And weather it well.

We're happy in each other's presence.​ Parenting feels like a privilege. And it brings me a soul-deep sense of rightness and fulfillment.

That is the confidence I want to bring to you. That is the joy I hope you feel when you are with your kids. That is the sense of fulfillment I hope you experience.

These masterclasses will bring it to you. Whether you are hearing about Positive Parenting for the first time, or you've been at this for a while now, these talks will be your life-long companion.

Something to learn from. Something to come back to. Something to inspire you. Something to help you stay on track.

Because yes, parenting is HARD. But nobody has to suffer for it.


You get INSTANT access to all the masterclasses when you buy the Audio Package. Listen to them and see for yourself what a difference they can make to your family! 

I believe in what I do and strive to put out in the world only what I think is of the highest quality. If for any reason, you feel that these masterclasses aren't life-altering, simply let me know within 30 days, and I will issue you a 100% refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No hard feelings.

Fair enough?

Meet Your Host

Hi, My name is Sumitha and I am a regular parent like most of you.

Before I had my daughter, I honestly didn't give much of a thought to parenting. After all, parents have done this for ages... how hard can it be, right? 

Oh, how naive I was!

My daughter challenges me every step of the way. She is my joy one minute and a source of abject exasperation the next. Raising her has made me come face to face with the depth of my character and the shallowness of it. I revel in my strengths one moment and the next, I am moved to tears by my weaknesses.

In 2013 I started AFineParent.Com to make sense of it all. Its been a fascinating and fulfilling few years since! These conferences are in some sense a culmination of everything I set out to do then -- be curious, learn, keep an open mind and find a way to really enjoy the journey while finding a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I hope you find as much value in listening to these masterclasses, as I did in putting them together!

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