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Track #1: Solutions for Everyday Parenting

Dr. Laura Markham

​Sibling Rivalry Masterclass

Dr. Daniel J. Siegel

​​Parenting Adolescents Masterclass

Joanna Faber
& Julie King

​Parenting 2-7 Year Olds Masterclass

Kim John Payne

​Handling Stress in Children Masterclass

Track #2: Relationship-Focused Parenting

Dr. Ross Greene

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions Masterclass

Dr. Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Parenting Spirited Kids Masterclass

Pam Leo

​​Decoding a Child’s Needs Masterclass

Ramona Zabriskie

“Forever” Relationships Masterclass

Track #3: Habits & Life Skills

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Fostering Independence Masterclass

James Clear

​Behavior Change Masterclass

Jessica Lahey

​School Success Masterclass

Dr. Devorah Heitner

​​Navigating the Digital World Masterclass

Track #4: Happiness & Contentment

Shawn Achor

The Science of Happiness Masterclass

Lynn Lyons

​​Breaking Free from Anxiety Masterclass

KJ Dell’Antonia

Happier Parenting Masterclass

Mercedes Samudio

Removing Shame from Parenting Masterclass

6 Amazing Bonuses

Positive Parenting Conference: Dr. Laura Markham and Book

Downloadable Audio


Positive Parenting Conference: Dr. Laura Markham and Book

Printable Transcripts


Alexandra Eidens

Product Highlight: The Big Life Journal

Suzanne Tucker

​Product Highlight: The Time-In ToolKit

Jill Richardson

Bonus Workshop: Parenting in the age of #MeToo

Emily Learing

Bonus Workshop: Parenting a Strong-Willed Child

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*Special One Time Offer Ends in 1 Hour

Meet Your Host

Hi, My name is Sumitha and I am a regular parent like most of you.

Before I had my daughter, I honestly didn't give much of a thought to parenting. After all, parents have done this for ages... how hard can it be, right? 

Oh, how naive I was!

My daughter challenges me every step of the way. She is my joy one minute and a source of abject exasperation the next. Raising her has made me come face to face with the depth of my character and the shallowness of it. I revel in my strengths one moment and the next, I am moved to tears by my weaknesses.

In 2013 I started AFineParent.Com to make sense of it all. Its been a fascinating and fulfilling few years since! This conference is in some sense a culmination of everything I set out to do then -- be curious, learn, keep an open mind and find a way to really enjoy the journey while finding a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

I hope you find as much value in participating in this conference, as I did in putting it together!

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