3-2-1 learning journal printable

The 3-2-1 Learning Journal

Does getting back to school feel a bit challenging this year?

Whether it is the academic learning or social learning, we have just the thing for you to make it fun for your kids!

Designed to provide daily affirmation, motivation and the desire for continuous growth in a playful way, this simple 30-day printable pdf journal is perfect for all kids ages 6 and up.

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About the Journal

This is a printable 30-day daily journal with one simple goal: motivate your kids to learn continuously and celebrate their accomplishments each and every day in a fun way!

Here's how you can make the most of this journal:

  1. Print one copy for each child in the family (Note: the journal is designed for 2-sided printing).
  2. Gather the whole family and give each child their copy
  3. Make a ceremony out of signing the Commitment Promise page
  4. If you plan to use binders to save the journal pages, spend some time together decorating your binders
  5. For the next 30 days, at the pre-committed time each day (eg. just before/after dinner, at bedtime etc.) spend a few minutes playing the "find the difference" games and then fill out the journal page to turn continuous learning  into a lifelong habit!

Each sheet of the journal uses the following format: On the facing page is an inspiring quote and a fun little "find the difference" game. On the other side, are the 3-2-1 entries for the day. 

Here is a quick preview of what the journal pages look like:

Whenever possible, encourage your kids to spend a few minutes relaxing and playing the "find the difference" game, and then filling out the 3-2-1 entries.

If in a hurry, save the game for another day, but fill in the 3-2-1 entries without fail - it is this commitment that will train the brain to make continuous learning an unconscious habit!

Research* shows that reflection and developing a love of learning can make us happier, resilient, and less prone to stress.

Happy journaling!

*Supporting Research

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