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The 3-2-1 ​Mindfulness Journal

Would you like to be fully engaged in the moment, actively aware of your thoughts and feelings instead of being driven by stress, anxiety or halfhearted endeavors? Would you like to empower your entire family with this as well?

Here is a 30-day printable pdf journal, designed to help your entire family focus on being mindful and start the journey towards a more focused, relaxed and engaged you. With practice, you can start becoming consciously aware of all that you do and experience everyday.

For ages 6 and up.

$7.95 ​USD

About the Journal

This is a printable 30-day daily journal with one simple goal: ​to practice and exercise mindfulness so that you can become more aware of your thoughts, emotions and sensations and be engaged in the present!

Here's how ​to make the most of this journal:

    1. Print one copy for each family member (Note: the journal is designed for 2-sided printing)
    2. Gather the whole family and give each member their copy
    3. Make a ceremony out of signing the Commitment Promise page. Additionally, if you plan to use binders to save your journal pages, spend some time together decorating your binders
    4. Every day at the pre-commited time (eg. just before/after dinner, at bedtime etc.) spend a few minutes with the mindfulness activities and then fill out your journal page to turn mindfulness into a habit!

Each sheet of the journal uses the following format: On the facing page is an inspiring quote and a fun little creative exercise. ​Then the other side is the 3-2-1 entries for the day.

Here is a quick preview of what the journal pages look like:

Happy journaling!

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If this 30-day printable pdf journal isn't everything you expect it to be, just let me know within 30 days of purchase, and I will issue you a full refund. No hassles. No questions asked. No hard feelings.