Positive Parenting Conference 2023 is done!

A great big shout out to each and every one of the 93,507 parents who joined us to make this a huge success!

We will be back in 2024 with another awesome event.

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18th-21st MAY




Our Experts Have Been Featured In

Say goodbye to frustrated, “fumbling-in-the-dark” parenting

Ever thought about this?

Before we have kids, none of us learn about parenting. And after we have kids, who has the time?

So, most of us are doing the hardest job on the planet - raising human beings - with no prior training, some hearsay knowledge and a lot of 'gut feeling'.

Is it any wonder that we feel so exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated all the time?

It's time to change this!

Do you find yourself struggling with negative thinking (either in yourself or your child)?

Do you want to foster greater independence in your kids but you’re unsure how to proceed?

Are you overwhelmed by guilt that you're not doing enough?

Or maybe you feel like you're doing too much and it’s just not working…

We hear so many of these daily parenting struggles from our community each day!

So we designed the conference specifically to address all of these concerns and more!

Overcome Every Parenting Struggle That Comes Your Way

And Transform Your Relationship With Your Child At The Same Time! 

With 16 New + 4 Encore Masterclasses

based on popular, best seller parenting books that address the real, everyday challenges you face

Each in-depth masterclass is packed with:

  • Clear insights into the root cause behind the issues
  • In-the-moment actions to diffuse difficult situations instantly
  • Proven step-by-step techniques to resolve the problem in the long term
  • Practical strategies to ensure they don’t repeat again

Designed To Fundamentally Transform Your Parenting Experience

Ready to enjoy a peaceful, loving, cooperative relationship with your child?

BONUS eBOOK: Get INSTANT Access to 60+ Key Takeaways!

Here's a Snapshot of What You Get for FREE This Year When You Join Us

Track 1

Positive Parenting Starts Here

Dr. Carla Naumburg

Self-Compassion Masterclass

Rachel Macy Stafford

Hands Free Masterclass

Nicole Schwarz

Grace-Based Parenting


Jamie C. Martin

Introverted Mom Masterclass

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson

Power of Showing Up Masterclass

Track 2

Connection and Communication

Dr. Deborah MacNamara

Making Sense of Preschoolers


Cath Hakanson

Puberty Guide Masterclass

Michelle Icard

Tween & Teen Communication Masterclass

Iris Chen

Untigering Masterclass

Dr. Laura Markham

Peaceful Parenting Masterclass

Track 3

Brain Development

Patricia Wilkinson

Brain Stages Masterclass

Dr. Tamar Chansky

Reducing Negative Thinking


Lynn Lyons

Anxiety Audit


Penny Williams

Parenting a Child with ADHD


Dr. Mona Delahooke

Understanding Behaviors Masterclass

Track 4

Encourage Autonomy, Boost Confidence

Ned Johnson

Inner Drive in Kids Masterclass

Simone Davies

Montessori Toddler Masterclass

Linda Akeson McGurk

Get Kids Outside Masterclass

Julie Lythcott-Haims

Adulting Tools Masterclass

Dr. Larry Cohen

Playful Parenting Masterclass

May 22 Bonus Catch Up Day for All Masterclasses

Our Past PPC Masterclasses Have Transformed The Lives Of 250,000+ Parents Just Like You!

Thank you so much for refilling my parenting cup!

- Aimee W.

It was an intense week but worthy! Thanks again!

- Astri B.

A Five-star experience! Thank you very much.

- Krish S

It’s something I look forward to every year.

- Crystal S.

I am taking with me a lot of advice and ideas to help my kids and myself.

- Maria J.

I have 80+ pages of notes, I learned SO much!

-  Jamie C. K.

Ready For a Positive Transformation in YOUR Family Too?

This is NOT Like Any Other Online Conference You've Ever Attended!

100% Online. 100% On-Demand.

Join the conference from WHEREVER you are in the world, from the comfort of your phone, tablet or laptop. And watch the masterclasses WHENEVER you want to - no matter your time zone or schedule! All classes stay online for 24 hours after release.

Powerful Masterclasses

Each 60-minute masterclass is based on a popular parenting book and is taught by a world-leading parenting expert with decades of experience helping parents and kids! So get ready for eye-opening insights, practical tips, and proven solutions…

Made For Every Parent

New mom? Single dad? 5 kids? Or just 1? Positive parenting newbie or veteran? No matter what, these masterclasses have you covered. Find strategies for every stage of your parenting journey. And solutions for every challenge your child throws your way!

Why We Host This Conference

The masterclasses in the Positive Parenting Conference belong to our signature AFineParent Academy program, a premium parent support platform with Weekly Parenting Action Plans, Quick Win Tips, Live Calls with parenting experts, a private FaceBook Group and over 100 masterclasses led by parenting professionals and best-selling authors on a diverse range of parenting topics. 

These masterclasses are too good not to share though!

So, once a year we provide access to the new Academy masterclasses from the past year for free for everyone through this Conference, so those who can’t join the Academy can benefit from them too.

This year our 16 new + 4 encore masterclasses for you help with:

  • Reducing negative thinking
  • Increasing connection with our kids
  • Understanding toddler brain stages
  • Communicating with our tweens and teens
  • Preparing and guiding kids through puberty
  • Fostering independence
  • Building resilience
  • Seeking a better understanding of ourselves
  • Embracing a more peaceful approach to parenting and discipline
  • Building secure attachment with our children
  • Learning what is behind our children’s behaviors
  • And so much more!

Each masterclass is chock-full of eye-opening insights and tried-and-tested, practical advice that you can use right away. 

You're going to LOVE these helpful masterclasses as much as our Academy members do!

Ready To Show Up As The Calm, Confident Parent You Always Wanted To Be?

(And transform your relationship with your kids at the same time!)

Join thousands of parents at the Positive Parenting Conference 2023 | 18 - 21 MAY 

BONUS eBOOK: Get INSTANT Access to 60+ Key Takeaways!

What Parents Are Saying About Our Past Conferences

100% THE BEST online parenting conference I have ever participated in, HANDS DOWN. If you have any interest in guiding your children in a way that breeds lifelong RESPECT rather than fear, this is absolutely where you should be.

Kayla L.

When I started this conference, I was feeling like a "bad parent" and was looking for advice on how to be a better or "good parent." I have learned that there are no "good" or "bad" parents. We are all on a constant journey to learn and practice being the best parents we can be.

Ellie S.

Every year I attend your conference and gain deeper knowledge to become a better parent and it helps me in enhancing my skills as a Parenting Coach and Behavioural Counsellor.

Rekha V.

Amazing and MIND OPENING masterclasses! Every single one of them offers knowledge that is relevant, applicable, and most of all hopeful!


I am shocked at the content that was available for free. As a mature parent, and someone who knows psychology, and someone who was raised by not the best parenting methods, I want to “get it right”. I am not a reader and don’t often finish an audio book so this video format was awesome! Thank you so much for what you have done here!

Justine P.

Positive Parenting Conference by AFineParent, is absolutely amazing & so rewarding. Loved the booklet and the challenges given to us. This is a massive learning & enriching experience.

Priti C.

I’ve been religiously watching the conference for the past 4 years... So valuable to me in my parenting journey.

Severine E.

Grateful from the bottom of my heart! I wish I learned about this years ago! Best parenting resource I’ve experienced so far!

Danica C.

Amazzinggg! It’s like 500+ YouTube videos on parenting, packed into one conference!

Angela R

I’m a busy, full-time working mom, with 2 daughters. I barely have time to shower, but I was hooked after just one masterclass. I love the format you use and the great helpful information. This was totally worth making time for. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Leigh M.

You couldn't imagine how much I love and enjoy the positive parent conference. I commit to joining it every year and encourage my friends and students' families to participate in it, too. Thank you for organizing this brilliant conference.

Yolanda H.

So far I have a total of 36 pages of notes 😱 and I am only part way through day 2️⃣. Words can not express how much I am enjoying and valuing listening to many authors I respect and being introduced to new ones. This Parenting Conference is helping me both personally and professionally.

Brooke B.

AMAZING! SO much valuable information for free! Awesome job getting answers to common parent concerns with real-life examples and tools to use!

Shannon G.

Plus, we have 3 Special Bonuses for you!

Exclusive Access to 4 of the most popular masterclasses from the AFineParent Academy!

Normally only available to AFineParent Academy members, these top-rated masterclasses are now part of your FREE conference experience!

FREE Catch-Up Day for ALL Masterclasses on May 22

Get an extra 24 HOURS at the end of the Conference to catch up on any masterclasses you missed!

Comprehensive eBOOK with INSTANT access to 60+ Key Conference Takeaways!

Get the 3 key insights and techniques from each masterclass and keep learning long after the conference ends!

Ready To Show Up As The Calm, Confident Parent You Always Wanted To Be?

(And transform your relationship with your kids at the same time!)

Join thousands of parents at the Positive Parenting Conference 2023 | 18 - 21 MAY 

BONUS eBOOK: Get INSTANT Access to 60+ Key Takeaways!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the masterclasses effective for toddlers or teens?

Most of the ideas we cover – positive discipline, habits, values, life skills, findings of latest research etc. – apply to most kids in the birth - 13 years age bracket.

That said, some of the ways to implement these ideas differ for different age groups, and we cover those with specific examples within the masterclasses. 

So for instance, if we're talking about chores and teaching kids how to take responsibility, our expert will have specific examples for you for each of the different age groups.


How are these masterclasses different from regular positive parenting videos?

Regular “google-search” parenting videos seem convenient. But they’re often hit-or-miss, hear-say tips. Tips that try to fix surface-level issues in your relationship with your child, but never solve the root cause. (Which is why the “solutions” never seem to stick in the long run.)

At the Positive Parenting Conference, we promise you this:
No vague info. No half-answers. No hear-say advice.

Only real, practical, insightful solutions that:
    ➤ address every problem at the root
    ➤ deepen your relationship with your child
    ➤ resolve your real, everyday parenting issues - for good
    ➤ and are proven to have worked for hundreds of thousands of parents around the world!

Yes, hundreds of thousands.

Each masterclass is based on a popular best-selling parenting book that has been loved and approved by countless other parents like you!

AND you get to learn all these juicy insights, proven techniques, and solutions directly from the books' authors, who are practicing clinicians, psychologists, professors and counselors with decades of experience working with parents and kids.

Will the masterclasses work for me if I’m a single parent or am co-parenting?

We understand that no two families have the same dynamic. And the compilation of masterclasses has been designed with this fact in mind!

From single parents to those on the co-parenting journey, from new moms to old dads, and everyone in between - we’ve got you covered!

The deep insights, positive parenting strategies, techniques, and practical tips you get from each masterclass are proven to work for every kind of family! 

How do I access the masterclasses?

Once you register for the conference, we will send you emails with the link to the masterclasses in each track on the dates mentioned above. Just click on the link each day, select the masterclass you want to watch, and dive right in!

Sign up for the Positive Parenting Conference 2023 to get started using the buttons above.

What time zone is the conference being run in?

Finding time to do anything as a parent is hard enough without adding extra out-of-time-zone coordinating! This is why we’ve made the conference a “watch-on-your-own-time” system.

Once a track is launched, all its masterclass are available online for 1 full day + 1 BONUS catch-up day. Stream them whenever you want, and watch them at your convenience!

➤ Have an hour off after your kid’s bedtime in the US -- click play and dive right in!
➤ Finally got a moment to catch up during your afternoon tea in the UK -- we got you!
➤ Want to watch them while doing the mid-morning laundry in Dubai -- you’re sorted too!
➤ Going back home from work in the evening in India -- the masterclasses are ready for you!
➤ Or perhaps you want to listen while on your morning walk in Australia -- coming right up!

The masterclasses begin when you press play, and pause when you need a break. Say buh-bye to anxiety about time zones and missing out! 🙂

How much does it cost to attend the conference?

Nothing. Zilch. Zip. Nada. The conference is totally FREE between May 18th and May 22th.

We believe that the foundational positive parenting tools, techniques, and strategies that make us better (and happier) parents, should be available to everyone!

So once a year, we make our transformational masterclasses (that are normally exclusive to our AFP Academy members only) available to EVERYONE - for FREE!

So sign up today, to make the most of this once-a-year opportunity to transform your relationship with your child (and make parenting the enjoyable experience you dreamt it would be)!

How can I access the masterclasses after the conference?

The expert-led masterclasses are available for FREE during the week of the conference.

But for parents who love the masterclasses, and want them for longer or want more of them - we have the AFineParent Academy. The Academy gives you instant, 24x7 access to ALL the masterclasses from this year’s conference, and ALL the masterclasses from the previous years.

With 98+ expert-led parenting masterclasses, on everything from ending power struggles and dealing with anxiety, to handling screen issues, sibling fights, and so much more - the Academy helps you have proven solutions at your finger tips for every new struggle that you face as a parent.

Plus as an Academy member, you get access to live Q&A calls with parenting experts 2-3 times a month, a private members-only community, bonus workshops, and more!

Find out more about the Academy here.

Meet Your Hosts

Sumitha Bhandarkar

Sumitha is the founder of AFineParent.com and the mastermind behind this conference.

And a regular parent like many of you.

Parenthood hit her hard, and she struggled at every step of the way while trying to raise her strong-willed daughter.

With everyday parenting challenges driving her to the breaking point… In 2013 she set out on a journey to make sense of it and build a more positive relationship with her daughter.

This annual conference is a culmination of everything she set out to do then.

She carefully curates every track, topic, and speaker to share with you the most essential insights and impactful strategies to transform your life, just as hers has been.

Natalie Tysdal

Natalie is an Emmy Award-winning former TV news anchor and mom-of-three, who decided "enough is enough" when it comes to the crazy burnout lifestyle of being a morning show host.

She left a successful 28-year career in top television shows across the U.S. to live her dream of digging into issues that really matter: health, family, relationships, and happiness.

She enjoys curating insightful conversations with top experts and hence thrives in her role as an interviewer at AFineParent.

She wants to help the community live a life of purpose, without holding back on things that are most important to them.

She shares this passion through her site NatalieTysdal.Com, in addition to her work here at AFineParent.Com.

Lisa Hoashi

Lisa is an Oregonian living on a farm outside of Barcelona and a mama of two in a multicultural (Japanese-American and Catalan), multi-language family.

She loves her work interviewing parenting experts as part of Team AFineParent.Com because she gets to meet wonderful people, and be part of this inspiring community.

Plus, she loves the extra motivation and accountability it gives her, to read all the parenting books that the masterclasses are based on!

In addition to her work here at AFineParent.Com, Lisa is also a life and career coach at LisaHoashi.Com. She specializes in helping individuals and teams at a crossroads to get clear on the direction that will take them toward greater fulfillment, authenticity, and impact.

Ready To Show Up As The Calm, Confident Parent You Always Wanted To Be?

(And transform your relationship with your kids at the same time!)

Join thousands of parents at the Positive Parenting Conference 2023 | 18 - 21 MAY 

BONUS eBOOK: Get INSTANT Access to 60+ Key Takeaways!

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