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The Short Version:

  • Write a kick-ass article about:  Healthy Families (click here for more details)
  • Submit it between: September 8th – 12th, 2014
  • If your article is published, get paid: $100 (+ a shot at the bonus)

(NOTE: This section is updated on the 1st of each month with a new topic and a new submission window. Please sign up here to be notified about the updates and publication decision.)

The Long Version:

A Fine Parent is an online community for parents who believe that Great Parents are Made, Not Born.

We focus on one topic each month that can help us become better people and better parents. Each week on the blog I publish one in-depth article related to the monthly topic.

Initially, I wrote all the articles for this blog myself. However, after sharing a few readers stories and guest posts, I realized just how much we can all benefit from shared wisdom and diverse voices. Hence this call for writers.

If you are constantly working on becoming a better parent, if you have a few hard-earned nuggets of wisdom under your sleeve, if you’ve ever been frustrated enough to pull all your hair out and just in the nick of time had an “Aha!” moment, if you see another parent and instantly feel an inexplicable sense of connection, AND if you happen to be a writer as well… boy, have we been waiting for you!

A few things to keep in mind as you write your article -

#1 Please remember that you are writing for busy parents.

  • Please make sure that the article offers practical and actionable advice/tips/inspiration. Time is a very precious commodity for members of our community. So, please respect the time we spend reading the article by helping us walk away with something valuable.
  • The article must be skimmable. We would like to read every single word, but honestly, most of the time it’s just not an option. So please, organize your thoughts in logical sections with descriptive sub heads. Keep paragraphs short. Use bullet points and lists. If possible, include illustrations like the one at the bottom of this article.

#2 Please remember that you are writing for smart parents.

  • Include references to books, research or other sources if possible. Sometimes, we like going down little rabbit trails in our own quest for knowledge… so please share your sources.
  • Don’t insult our intelligence. Please, no hand waving, opinions stated as facts, theories without solid backing, and such.
  • Surprise us with something new.  We really, really do NOT like rehashed articles.
  • Or help us see something old from a fresh perspective. For instance, discipline is a very common concern for most parents and we love reading about this topic. If you can bring a different perspective to the topic or a fresh point of view that will help us see some the things more clearly or differently, we’d love for you to kick start a conversation.

#3 Please remember that you are writing for human beings.

  • Include personal stories and anecdotes. Yes, we are smart and like our facts, but we are also parents who have too many things on our minds. If you just give us the list of facts, I’m afraid we don’t have much room in our overloaded brains for it. So, please, wrap up the wisdom in stories that will tug at our heartstrings and stick in our minds.
  • The articles must be original. Please keep the trust and share something that you’ve personally written and is not published elsewhere.

#4 Finally, while we’re not married to it, there is a certain preferred style that we’re used to. 

  • Most articles on the blog are in the 1500 – 2500 words range.
  • Most articles include references to research sources or books related to the topic.
  • Most articles include a 2-minute action plan (contemplation/reflection questions) and a long-term action plan (a gentle nudge in the right direction) at the bottom of the article. (See this for example.)
  • Contextual in-content links to other articles on this site, and to articles on your site, that can add value to the discussion is highly encouraged.
  • Promotional links or links that are not directly related to the topic being discussed should be reserved to the bio.
  • You are welcome to send in illustrations or personal photographs that I can include with your article if you wish. If you prefer that I use stock photos however, I’ll download them for you (please don’t send any creative commons images).
  • And don’t forget to send in an interesting bio!

If you are not familiar with the blog, please spend some time on this page to get a feel for the themes and the related articles we’ve covered so far before you begin writing the article.

Challenge + Bonus!

If you keep those points above in mind as you write, and pour your heart out, I’m sure you’ll have a kick-ass article to share.

But is it the kick-ass-est?

Let’s make this whole thing a little more fun. In addition to the $100 payment for the article, and the links within the content and the bio, here’s a chance for you to claim an extra bonus (and the bragging rights).

On December 31st, if your article is at the top of our popular articles list, you’ll be the winner of a special bonus of $200.

Do you have it in you to get to the top? What would you do with an extra $200? Pay off the Christmas bills sooner? Get a gym membership just in time for the New Year? Or will you use it to just beef up your rainy day fund?

The gauntlet has been thrown… it’s your choice to pick it up.

How to Submit

  • Send your article as a word/rtf/txt document
  • Send your article only during the submission window listed above
  • Include the keywords “Kick-ass Article for AFP” in your email subject line
  • Upload a cool photograph of yourself to and let me know the corresponding email address
  • Send the email to sumitha @ afineparent . com (without the spaces)

NOTE: I’ve been at inbox zero for some time now and I rely heavily on email filters to keep things that way. Please honor the submission instructions or I may not get to see your article. Thanks in advance!

Publication Decision

I will review the articles during the 2 weeks following the submission window and let you know by the end of the month if your article is selected for publication. I may request you for edits or additional information. I almost always end up making a few edits to the articles – most of it to the title, intro and the conclusion – so it fits with the culture and expectations of the broader AFP community. Also, by submitting the article you agree that if your article is published, I will retain the rights to republish or reuse the material in the future, of course with due credit to you, the author.

Please sign up here to be notified about the publication decision, if you haven’t already done so!

More Details About This Month’s Topic

This month’s broad topic is “healthy families“. Here are a few headlines to give you an idea of what I dig. Remember, articles with just a long list of tips won’t cut it. Please include your family’s experiences and any related research in the introduction, in the conclusion and pretty much throughout the article :) Please feel free to modify these headlines to match your stories and supporting material or even come up with completely different article ideas. These are just prompts to get your creative juices flowing! Here we go -

  • 7 Habits of Families Who Consistently Eat Healthy (Without Nagging or Sneaky Cheffery)
  • #X Simple Ways to Convert Your Sedentary Family Into an Active Family
  • The Science and Psychology That Creates Stress-Free Families
  • How Your TV is Killing You and #X Sneaky Ways to Break the TV Habit
    Scarier Than Halloween Block Busters: #X Terrible Habits That Are Killing Your Family’s Health
  • #X Ways to Be Healthier in a Minute or Less
  • #X Decadent Low-Fat Dessert Recipes for The Healthy Family With a Sweet Tooth
    (Feel free to modify it to *any* kind of recipes, provided you’ve actually tried them. If you can, please send me your pictures to go with the recipes. This is also a great way for those of you with food blogs to include backlinks to your sites or your friends’ sites. I love including links that can make the articles richer and more useful – so articles like this one are a great win-win!)
  • Healthy Living Lessons From Disney Movies (Or popular TV series, action movie series, etc.)
  • Why We Avoid Healthy Foods and The Bizarre Psychology of Unhealthy Eating
  • What Everybody Ought to Know About Staying Healthy, and Upbeat, Through Winter
  • How I Feed Organic Food to a Family of #X on a #X Dollar Grocery Budget
  • ANY stories of unconventional choices (backed by science) that made your family healthier
  • ANY stories of your parents’s choices that made youautomatically choose healthy living for yourself and your family
  • ANY stories of conflict between you and your spouse on choices related to your family’s health and how you resolved them

Gosh darn it, don’t you just feel like sitting down to crank out that article, right now? :)

Go ahead, do it! And then put a reminder on your calendar to send it to me between September 8th – 12th.